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    The dangers of the lipophilic nature of toxins ?

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    I currently eat a relatively high fat, low carb diet. I recently watched an Australian TV documentary. SBS On Demand | Unlimited TV & Movies When You Want | Streaming TV - Tales Of The Unexpected Ep1 - Secret Life Of Breasts

    It may be available on youtube if you are trying and failing to view it outside of Australia.

    The main conclusion was that breasts may be the 'canary in the coal mine' when it comes to our bodies and the way toxins interact with our bodies. A large amount of the program focused on the way the worst of all toxins appear to love fat (lipophilic). DDT and others were found in quite high amounts in breast tissue mainly because breast tissue is mainly fat.

    My question is: Should we be eating so much fat when it is known to be loved by most toxins. If one can't get hold of grass-fed AND grass-finished meat or the purest of the pure fat sources, is it healthier to not eat so much fat ?

    In Australia, it is relatively hard to find ''clean'' sources of fat.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Well that's why paleo advocates grass fed and pastured meats. But don't think that by not eating meat you are magically going to be toxin free. Paint, carpet, different fabrics, varnishes, pillows, couches, makeup, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, etc all off gas chemicals that you just breath in and hold on to. If we lived in a pristine environment and, for whatever reason, fat was our only source of toxins, then it might be worth it to reduce them.

    However, if you're getting healthy, quality fats and doing what you can to keep your body healthy, your liver is better able to keep you that way. Another thought, since toxins are stored in fat, doesn't it make sense to have a lower body fat content? I'm not saying everyone needs to be down to 3%, but less of it on you helps.

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    Don't eat CAFO beef/chicken/pork/etc fat.

    I don't even eat the fattier pastured pork/chicken...but I'm less concerned when it's grassfed beef/lamb.

    Note: I eat HCLF, but I still think a higher fat diet isn't going to fill you up with toxins if you do it right: fats from grassfed dairy, grassfed ruminants, and coconut rather than fats from CAFO beef, pork, chicken, too many eggs, fatty fish, nuts, etc.

    (I wouldn't say toxins are "fat loving" just "water hating"...hydrophobic. They aren't carried out by the body's usual excretion pathways because they don't dissolve into hydrous solutions. )
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