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    is salt bad?

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    I remember reading somewhere (maybe) a long time ago when I was more up to date with this stuff that your body regulates salt. So it doesnt matter if you intake a lot because your body will deal with it. Is this true? i've been primal for years now and I am getting bored with no sauces. I've recently started adding a LOT of seasoning salt to everything.

    Also, I drink a lot of carbonated water. usually lime flavored (no cals/carbs ect.. tho)

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    Primal cookbook full of sauces. Sodium great, chloride supposedly bad.

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    Salt is like any other constituent of the blood. More can be better in some circumstances, particularly high training athletes or people on low car diets. But the general american public eat too much salt and i think advising people to eat less salt is a responsible one.

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    Sodium should be balanced by potassium

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    It depends. On heavy workout days I have more salt, off days less. Mark did a post a while back on how the body regulates salt.

    On sprint days,especially when it's warmer out, I have extra salt prior to sprinting with a lot of water. Mostly because I hate carrying a water bottle.

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    Salt is generally NOT bad. Most people have too much sodium because of processed foods. It is MORE important that you enjoy your primal meals. Enjoy.

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    I think Peat recommends adding salt to the coffee and OJ... so there!
    Not that I do that myself, but I know others do.

    Sometimes in the hot weather when am so tiered and exhausted, I drink a salty drink (like a yogurt shake with salt) and I feel a lot better after.

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    Generally, Americans (and the rest of the Western world) eat too much sodium/salt because of all the preservatives and garbage in processed food. If you're not eating that crap - and you shouldn't be if you're eating Primally - you probably need to add some salt. I liberally salt my veggies and my hydration drink for running is water+sea salt+lemon juice.

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    seasoning salts can have all sorts of crap in them, so be careful with those.

    why no sauces on your foods? primal doesn't mean you have eat like an ascetic monk.

    google be your friend here and even this site has a recipe board.
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    Salt's the bee's knees. So long as you're not eating it straight, you'll be fine.


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