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    is salt bad?

    On a primal diet....absolutely not.

    Eating SAD with previously diagnosed hypertension.....probably so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glorth2 View Post
    Salt is generally NOT bad. Most people have too much sodium because of processed foods. It is MORE important that you enjoy your primal meals. Enjoy.
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    This study perhaps?

    I've been adding salt freely to my meals since going primal. My weight & BP are all way down and normal so I side with salt not being any issue. Eating a balanced diet that includes enough Potassium will do the trick. Avoiding processed foods and chemicals is a key to the deal.

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    We've been using sea salt lately, and it's great on veggies and in broth, but I'm wondering if we should get iodized sea salt because we don't get much iodine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna H View Post
    We've been using sea salt lately, and it's great on veggies and in broth, but I'm wondering if we should get iodized sea salt because we don't get much iodine.
    To get iodine I use kelp flakes, roughly 2,000% of your RDA per 1/4 teaspoon!

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    The problem with white salt is there is a lot of processing and residual chemicals. Best to use natural Himalayan, Celtic Sea salt, etc. I don't eat any processes foods, and have huge salt cravings that I listen to -- especially when doing lower carb and exercising more. Also need to consider potassium and magnesium for a complete electrolyte solution.

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    Just like everything else, there is variation among people with sodium sensitivity. A few hypertensives (that is, elevated blood pressure) are indeed sodium sensitive, but the rest of us don't need to waste many brain cells obsessing on sodium. I agree with the statement that when you leave all the packaged processed stuff behind you leave a lot of sodium with it, so salt your food to taste. Peter Attia MD along with Vogel, Phinney and yours truly the PaleoPathologist all like to salt things because we are all mostly low carb and that makes your body want sodium even more. A friend of mine was the on-site physician at a marathon in Dallas (cannot even IMAGINE running a marathon in Dallas...) and said they had a lot more trouble with hyponatremia (low sodium in the blood) than other nutritional problems. Salt phobia is as rampant at fat phobia.

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    I eat salt. I feel fine.

    I prefer sea salt or Himalayan pink salt as a seasoning. I never make dishes that actually taste salty.
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    How much salt is 'fine'?

    As mentioned salt should be balanced with potassium? But most people potassium intake is 4-5grams tops, so is it really 'okay' to consume 2-3grams of salt a day when the ideal ratio is much, much more skewed towards potassium? ( Have seen the numbers 50-1 mentioned for cave men, and 2-1 at least for normal people. with just 2g/day you're just making the minimum )

    Also, whats with sea salt? Is that really a good thing if I'm a male? I don't really need more iron, and there isn't much of anything else even in it.

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    If you're eating Primal I wouldn't worry about salt. Salt is bad in processed food because you can get so much without much in the way of potassium. On whole foods, you often need extra salt, especially if you're not into seafood.

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