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Thread: sick after sex- question for ladies page

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    sick after sex- question for ladies

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    Lately, after, the wife gets like, light-headed? Dizzy? I wish I could be more sure, but she basically communicates sensations with a face and different inflections of the words, "I dunno." It sounds basically like, drained and anemic. She will then say that she needs to relax, but falls asleep, even if it's early as shit at night. Is that like, blood-sugar? She eats like crap.
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    Does she react similarly from exercise? Or only from sexual activity? It would seem to me that if she had blood sugar issues or anemia or something that symptoms would also be present at other times. Would you say she is physically incapable of standing up? I mean, I get sleepy after having the Big O so maybe it's just normal sleepiness?
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    Doesn't sound normal. She should talk to a medical professional... Seems like a nutritional deficiency but can't tell just from a brief description.

    (I mean, supposedly...semen induces sleepiness to cause females to lay horizontally longer after sex, increasing the chances of insemination. Then again, semen is supposed to cure depression and etc. >.> )
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    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    Maybe you've just become SuperLover and the endorphines are knocking her out.
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    This problem solving might require a fair bit of experimenting. Lucky you. And her
    Try sex in the morning and see how she feels??

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    Could she be dehydrated?
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    i think so,Maybe you've just become SuperLover and the endorphines are knocking her out.

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    Dizziness after sex…….. hmmmmm sounds like you are doing something very right!!

    Seriously, it sounds like a blood pressure issue. Good sex is about the best relaxant a body has. So that she needs to relax isn't exactly right. I'll tell you a little secret but good sex is about the best way to get rid of a stress related headache. for a woman the only way to orgasm is to be fully relaxed and focused on the sex. The orgasm itself relaxes even further but I know that it does something to your BP…
    I don't know if you have a Bp meter at home but if she is in for it you could try.
    What you can also try is to a few minutes after the sex is to please her again, get her heart rate up a bit by a little R&R, it might help.

    If she has it after exercise as well then it's likely to be related to anemia. she should keep a watch on it. Stuff her with steak and spinach!!
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    Mr. Perfidy, you're just too big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
    Does she react similarly from exercise? Or only from sexual activity?
    yeah...what are the other times she feels this way?

    perhaps you should try not choking her while doing the deed?
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