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    acid reflux

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    The one thing I have not yet been able to let go of are my PPI meds for acid reflux.

    Has anyone come across a 'primal' way of dealing with GERD?


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    Standard medical advice for GERD:
    1. Cut back on caffeine.
    2. cut back on alcohol.
    3. don't eat within 3 hours of going to bed.
    4. Try to sleep on a wedge or something to elevate head.
    5. Some people react bad to spices.
    6. Smaller meals.
    7. Lose weight.

    For me personally I have to limit myself to 2 16 oz coffee's a day or I can get GERDy.

    But also, Eric Westman has an interesting small article about very low carb (20 gm/day) causing rather rapid improvement in GERD in a significant number of patients.

    For me, personally, going low carb a year and a half ago helped tremendously with GERD and also snoring, within two weeks.

    Many people do very well for prolonged periods on very low carb diets (you will find loud voices saying otherwise on this board) but long term use of PPI's isn't great either; can lead to calcium malabsorption.

    Good luck!

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    Read all of Chris Kresser's articles on GERD.

    Get rid of heartburn and GERD forever in three simple steps
    They're linked at the top of this article.
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    A little late to the party, and I'll probably cross-post this on a couple of other threads. I have had GERD/reflux for fifteen years and been on almost every type of medication that has come out (Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, Protonix, and a couple of others.) The medication typically controlled the symptoms (in my case, bad heartburn), but I have never liked having to take a pill daily.

    Over the years I have tried different ways to get rid of the heartburn, including eliminating the usual suspects from my diet like coffee, acidic foods, spicy foods. I've also tried things like drinking Aloe juice daily, but it always comes back.

    I have been primal now for 4 1/2 weeks and off any kind of meds for 4 of those weeks and have only had heartburn ONCE in that whole time. The heartburn came during my first "cheat" meal which was three slices of NY style cheese pizza that I had after three weeks of going Primal. Due to my appetite decreasing since dropping sugar, I didn't even eat two of the crusts.

    Based on that, I have narrowed it down to one of three things (for me, YMMV):

    1) the carbs/sugars that I have eliminated from my diet with Primal
    2) the gluten that I have eliminated from my diet with Primal
    3) the fact that I have been drinking Kombucha once or twice a day starting a few days after going Primal (completely random discovery for me and unrelated to Primal)

    My doctor believes that it's #2 -- I plan on narrowing it down further next week with another "cheat" meal where I'll have sushi with rice. If I don't get heartburn with that, then I'll go off of Kombucha for a couple of days (difficult, because I LOVE the Kombucha).

    Hope that helps!

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