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Thread: Prebiotic, probiotic, & botanical antimicrobial. Digestive enzyme, Oh my!

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    Question Prebiotic, probiotic, & botanical antimicrobial. Digestive enzyme, Oh my!

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    Like many on here, I had symptoms of leaky gut, etc and visited a naturopath that I didn't click with (got a little too black magic/voodoo for me) followed by an awesome Functional Medicine MD who is totally down with the whole primal/paleo scene.

    After some extensive bloodwork, etc. it was plainly evident that I had some serious gut dysbiosis. She recommended I supplement with a relatively high dose probiotic coupled with a prebiotic supplement. Along with that, she also recommended a botanical anti-microbial (oregano oil, berberine, black walnut, etc) and Saccharomyces Boulardii. She also told me to continue with the digestive enzymes I was taking.

    At first I was doing an enzyme with betaine HCl in the AM with the antimicrobial at breakfast, a digestive enzyme at lunch and then prebiotic/probiotic/S. Boulardii with dinner but I was awakened every morning around 3:30-4:00 ready"move."

    I've since tried reversing it...probiotics, etc in the AM and antimicrobial at night. Not really much change but lately I've had some other gut stuff going on due to stress and crappy eating.

    Obviously, I space the probiotic/prebiotic apart from the antimicrobial but then the query comes as to when I should take my digestive enzymes? Does anyone know of them reducing the effectiveness of probiotics, etc.? 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836

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    Prebiotic, probiotic, & botanical antimicrobial. Digestive enzyme, Oh my!

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    I've always assumed that digestive enzymes are to be taken with meals only...I don't think they would affect the probiotics.

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