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    Dietary Goals are to eliminate sugar intake (especially in my coffee) and to expand the vegetables in my diet. Physical Goals include reducing my body fat (drop 2 inches from my waist at the belly button level while maintaining current body weight) and perform 39 crunches, pushups, pullups, and steps climbed in 390 seconds (ramdom goal spontaneously emitted).

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    B-pork sausage, coffee w/ sugar (ugh)

    S-boiled egg

    L-trail mix, 3 slices salami, pickle spear

    S-white grapes

    D-steak,oven fried sweet potatoe with onion,broccoli

    S-two handfuls mixed nuts

    no workout, 30 minutes of tossing the football with my son

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    S-balance bar

    Workout: 45 minutes "bootcamp" body weight and 15lb dumbells (pushups, mountainclimbers, jumping jacks, squats, squat presses)

    B-pork sausage, scrambled eggs, one hash brown, coffee w/ sugar (ugh)

    S-tea,white grapes

    L-3 slices salami, pickle spear, raw carrots with hummus, two handfuls trailmix

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    Two weeks in, I am about 80% successful. Knocked out grains without much trouble. My diet is plants and animals, althought very little of it is organic, 100% grass fed, etc. My workouts are mostly bodyweight, bootcamp style with ocaisional all out effort. Need to work on sprints more. I have noticeably increased my "play" and my time spent barefoot. Sleep needs work, as does my goal to kick the sweetner in my coffee.

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