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Thread: Making Sauerkraut without salt?

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    Cool Making Sauerkraut without salt?

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    Hey there,

    I've been eating a lot of delicious homemade sauerkraut lately and I'm loving all the goodness I get from it. I'm still dealing with Candida problems, so the sauerkraut really helps with that.

    However, I'm a bit against getting so much salt in my diet because of the sauerkraut. I was curious as to if anybody was successful at making the stuff without salt. I've found recipes on the Internet the give instructions to make it without salt, but I also read at some places that the salt not only help pull the liquid out of the vegetables, but also the sugars to better ferment them and also that salt encourages good bacteria while inhibiting bad pathogens. If this is true, I would prefer having too much sodium than possibly introducing unwanted bacteria or not having as much of the good bacteria, but then again those statements might not be true. I make my sauerkraut in the popular air-tight glass jar available online, so I guess the fact that it's completely air tight help a bit in term of good/bad bacteria.

    Anybody had any experience with this?

    Thanks a whole lot in advance!
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    The Body Ecology Diet has a great sauerkraut recipe that is salt free.

    And you'll likely find that if you optimize both your 25(OH)D (see link below) and your zinc intake (and resulting zinc tissue status), the candida issue will resolve on it's own. It's not so much a pathogen issue as it is an immune issue.


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    The Body Ecology Diet has a great sauerkraut recipe that is salt free.
    This is my favorite way to culture veggies. Check here: You can make it w/out any starter (I do.) YUM!

    I'd also avoid or alter most of the nourishing traditions recipes, or just cut the salt WAYYYYY down (even if you don't use whey, which I don't). I find NOT salting my ferments, or only adding a pinch or two, makes them ferment a lot faster as well.

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