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Thread: 30+ year veg-head going paleo

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    The name of the farm is Riverview...the website is

    Tell Julia that Kate from CHE says " HEY".

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    I'll take a look, thanks!

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    Arrg the carb flue is the worst stuff but once you get through its such a relief. Getting used to the lowcarb life style will take more then 2 weeks though more like 3-4 month.

    Stay strong cause its worth it so worth it.

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    eat healthy food dail, include it in your daily routine to have a better life.

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    A couple of points on weight gain on a Paleo type protocol. I lost 35-40 excess pounds of body fat when I went Paleo and I've maintained my ideal weight since then on the Paleo lifestyle. But you can gain weight initially.

    First, non-paleo foods, especially wheat and legume lectins, can damage the intestinal tract and promote malabsorption. So on a Paleo type regimen you may find that you are absorbing nutrients much better and as you adjust, you may naturally only crave a smaller volume of food once nutritional deficiencies are restored.

    Second, it is common on a Paleo regimen to gain muscle first and lose fat last. In other words, you might gain more muscle than you lose fat initially, and hence actually gain net pounds. So it may be helpful to focus on your body composition rather than what is happening in terms of mere pounds. If you really want to keep track of this, you can get an Omron body composition monitor/scale for about $70, and it will tell you not only your weight to the 1/10 of a pound, but also your percentage of body fat, skeletal muscle, and your level of visceral fat.

    Nobody minds gaining muscle and needed bone density, which Paleo promotes. And once you have gained additional muscle, the extra muscle mass will help in burning fat.

    I stay completely away from dairy for quite a variety of reasons, one of which is the high insulinemic response notwithstanding a low glycemic index, which might tend to inhibit glucagon and prevent stored fat metabolism.

    Great detective work in discovering your son's gluten intolerance. Although pretty much everybody is affected adversely by gluten and wheat germ agglutinin in some degree, some such as me are particularly intolerant and such severe intolerance tends to be highly heritable. Could your son have inherited it from you?

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