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    Where to find cheese cloth?

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    Want to make Kefir and Yogurt. Where can a person find cheese cloth? Or, can I use a clean
    T-shirt to strain? Anybody able to find "live yogurt seeds"?

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    Cheescloth at joann's. Tshirt could work too

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    you can find cheese cloth at a grocery store. look in the cooking utensil area if they have one. alternatively you could use a cotton tee to strain. don't know about live yogurt seeds. i just used store bought organic yogurt(no sugar added, full fat). if making kefir, you can go to a health food store or order the 'grains' online. i don't eat dairy anymore, but i had a lot of fun makin' all that stuff when i did

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    A piece of flour sack dish towel will work, too.

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    You could even use a couple of heavy duty paper towels. Cheesecloth gets pricey if you are using it frequently, and it is impossible to machine wash.

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    A clean white cotton pillowcase will work as well....even a cotton teeshirt.

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    I love a good cheesecloth.

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    Dado, go to your room.

    I usually get mine at Walmart in the fabric department. It used to be really, really cheap but like everything else, the price has gone up. The Walmart stuff is really gauzy and I use four layers to drain my Greek yogurt. You can wash it but it shrinks up and crinkles so much it's hardly worth the trouble. I've been meaning to check out some cheese-making vendors to try for some re-useable cloth.

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    Handi-wipes work well.
    I use coffee filters to strain vegetable broth.
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    The trouble with some of these other suggestions are
    #1: Lint. I assume you don't want lint in your yogurt.
    #2: They're not porous enough and it would take absolutely forever to drain.
    Amazon to the rescue. They have cheesecloth and cheesecloth bags.

    Edited to add: I just noticed that this discussion started in June 2010. I sure hope David has found his cheesecloth by now.

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