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Thread: I ate lard

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    I ate lard

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    Yes. that's right. I was in Valle D'Aosta this weekend in Northern italy and the local specialty is cured lard! It is so good. unfortunately...I had it on bread, and then on risotto. dammit. the carbs just crept in this weekend. But they were delicious, and I am trying not to feel guilty. and plan on getting back on board this week. Would it be a good idea to do an IF tomorrow, or wait a day or two to stabilize blood sugar levels as they are surely going crazy after my weekend carb-a-thon. oh man. I really take that 20% too far sometimes.

    I would like to challenge myself in july somehow..I gues I could do without dairy and nuts for the month and see how that goes. I dont think I could give up wine.


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    Sounds good! I remember having some off a spoon when I used to cook with it, and it tasted really good by itself.
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