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Thread: Hat tip to the anti-GMO crowd. (research) page

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    Hat tip to the anti-GMO crowd. (research)

    I was reading Regulation of Intestinal Immune Responses through TLR Activation: Implications for Pro- and Prebiotics earlier - worth a read, by the way - and this paragraph caught my eye:

    With respect to food and environmental allergens, the contribution of TLR activation on IEC is not well studied. Recently, TLR4 activation by wheat α-amylase trypsin inhibitors, a recognized plant-derived allergen, has been described to drive intestinal inflammation (37). The percentage of α-amylase trypsin inhibitors is markedly higher in genetically modified grain seeds that are more resistant to infection than traditional seeds(38–40), which might explain why a wheat-free diet could be beneficial in a wide range of inflammatory and allergic disorders ...
    I linked the relevant study in the quote. It's in vitro, but it's something. I figure it's nice to have a little bit of ammo in a debate, even if you're only cautiously anti-wheat and anti-GMO. It's hard to make good food. Ask God.
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