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Thread: splenda vs. nutrasweet vs. equal? Least evil? page

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    splenda vs. nutrasweet vs. equal? Least evil?

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    splenda vs. nutrasweet vs. equal? Least evil?
    I generally avoid these things, but what do you know about this topic?

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    I have used artificial sweeteners for around 40 years, abused most of them in large amounts - still no bad effects only positive! Maybe I will get some bad reactions after the age of 100 or maybe I will continue to live forever due to them...
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    Eat sugar. It's delicious.
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    Are Pork Rinds Healthy? | Marks Daily Apple

    Monk fruit or stevia would be some naturally derived sweetener choices. (above link to ask mark discusses monk fruit)

    Out of the ones you listed, I'd choose sugar. wait, no. bacon. was that a choice?

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    I see no reason not to choose organic Stevia at this point. Be careful - lots of Stevia products contain Dextrose, Maltodextrin, etc. etc. These are not what you want.

    Organic stevia is extracted without solvents/chemicals etc. etc. etc. and it's a minor expense/upgrade.

    If you are considering which packaged foods to choose - I personally say - none.

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    None on the list.
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    Try to live without sweeteners for a while.

    By avoided concentrated sweets I've improved my taste buds and better appreciate almost all foods I eat now. Healthy fruits seem so much sweeter and sweet potatoes are sometimes almost too much.

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    There are a thousand anecdotes about sweeteners and various ailments but I could never dig up any hard info other than weak observations.

    My sweetener attitude depends on the quantity:
    ~1 teaspoon as a sauce seasoning or to take the edge off coffee/cocoa? Whatever difference exists between them doesn't matter so I use whatever is suitable (usually coconut sugar).

    A lot more than 1 teaspoon as the main flavor? Probably a good habit to break--even if the substance is harmless the flavor just clashes too much with whole foods and causes anxiety IME.

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    I say stevia.
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    What are you using it for?

    Pereonally, I'd prefer to eat a little sugar here and there instead of any chemical. Ever.
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