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Hi. Yes - I know about the carbs per tablespoon......it's RIGHT THERE on the package of Breakstone's whether it's "reduced fat sour cream" or "regular sour cream"....I KNOW....but what my body's telling me is that "I''m heading to the sour cream because I know I shouldn't use the yogurt (too many carbs), and that sour cream is NICE AND TANGY." MMMM....tangy....

As an OBESE beginner, I humbly confess that it's very hard to turn away LESS THAN A PINT of sour cream AT ONE SITTING as a "food source", although I know I'm going to gross out some people completely. But hey - I'm FAT. I'm here to TRY AND FIND ANSWERS. If I don't ask, then I don't GET any answers, right?

Has anyone resolved any cravings for tangy dairy products - and what did they do about it?
Dude, let me be a bit straight to you with the hope you wont find my answer harsh or offending!
There is no Sour Cream replacement!!!! If you want to eat a pint of sour cream, just eat it! period!

Unfortunately in order to get rid of the excessive fat you have on your body you need to make sacrifices, and to change your lifestyle... dramatically.
If you expect to keep your lifestyle that brought you to the situation you are now and loose weight, your expectations are highly unlikely to be rewarded.

My advise is this:

Change your lifestyle, follow a simple PB diet and exercise routine, and soon you will be able to tweak the diet on your own, based on your own discoveries about your body.

Good luck man... you really need it!