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Thread: This is going to be controversial, but I want to discuss this.

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    Exclamation This is going to be controversial, but I want to discuss this.

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    Okay! Hey guys! My name is Danny, and this is actually my first post on here. However, I've been a big advocate of eating a primal/paleo diet for nearly a year now. I've recently thought of something that I want to theorize to people who understand how hormones interact with your body. It'll be controversial for people who aren't open and honest with themselves, though.

    First a few info you'll need to understand my perspective. I realize some of this will be TMI for people, but you need to know some.

    I've struggled with my sexuality nearly my entire life. It was just always extremely confusing to me. I'm 21 now, and I've never had an actual relationship with anyone, mostly due to body-image issues, but that's not important. Most of the time I'm extremely interested in a relationship with another male.

    However, each time I go off or mess up my diet (and start this lifestyle again), I always notice that I become extremely enamored with women. I start finding myself being extremely attracted to females, and not only that, but when I look at images of males, I'm nowhere near as attracted to them.

    I've never thought that people choose to be gay, I've always known and told myself that if I could I would be with girls, I would.

    Okay here's the theory.

    "Could the unhealthy imbalance of hormones caused by the SAD be the cause behind the seemingly increasing amount of homosexual youth?"

    Here are some other things I realized after thinking about this.

    Many homosexuals I know look emaciated. Think about some of the homosexuals you know. I sound prejudice, but I'm not. I started clubs in high school for homosexual youth. But if you ask many of these people that look this way, they will tell you that even when they work out, they are unable to gain any weight, or put any muscle on. One of them even told me the other day that he's been diagnosed with celiac disease.

    I have known many others, like myself who believe themselves to be homosexual, that had gynecomastia at some point in their teenage years. If you don't know, gynecomastia has been known to be caused by an excess of estrogen. One time, one of my friends out of nowhere told me that he had all of the sudden started questioning his sexuality. Not long after that, he told me he occasionally has flare ups of gynecomastia, and he had surgery for it when he was younger.

    Although most people would say that there aren't more homosexuals than there have ever been, that they are just being more open, I instead can't help but think about how the amount of homosexual youth has increased in a similar way that diseases caused by excess carbs has increased. I feel like some conservative republican saying all these things, but I don't let my personal emotions get in the way of my reasoning.

    When I was younger I once asked my mom if I was supposed to be born a girl. I'm not a transvestite, but couldn't that be how people first start wondering if they were meant to be someone else? Couldn't transvestites be so confused because of the imbalance of hormones in their bodies?

    Because the whole time I've been attracted to males I've ALWAYS thought "Okay.. so you're attracted to males... you've tried relationships with women, but you like males and nothing can change that. But that doesn't make any sense... I should be instinctively attracted to women... because thats how animals work.. it makes no sense.."

    But now this sheds light on it. The whole time I was struggling with my sexuality as an obese child with insomnia, depression, anxiety (at age TEN i remember telling my mom that it takes me forever to fall asleep.. that I just lie there thinking), it was all due to my imbalance of hormones caused by how overweight I was and my diet. (I'm mexican, and i've grow up eating tortillas with EVERYTHING).

    I've always been attracted to males, but I've always thought of it is as unnatural.

    Or at least not understandable from an evolutionary standpoint.

    What do you guys think of this?

    Anyone else have similar feelings?

    And for those who follow primal/paleo lifestyles and say they're still very much LGBT, consider the fact that you've been dating that sex for a long time, sharing moments and experiences with THAT kind of sex. So therefore, you're going to be more attracted to them, right? That's how I feel at least.
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    I'm skeptical that LGBT prevalence has changed much--researchers find a similar rate in virtually every society large enough to measure, only the visibility varies (e.g. Saudi Arabia)

    Gay men are definitely body conscious in a way that straight men are not because they need to capture the attention of the more visually-oriented gender. This can lead to cases of guys being overly harsh with themselves--teenagers of all types do stupid stuff so I wouldn't rush conclusions from a high school sample. Any adult LGBT gathering will have all body types.

    IMO sexuality is (mostly) outside the scope of nutrition. I know it's tempting to shoehorn everything into some tidy tale of evolution but sometimes we ought to relax and accept things as they are. LGBT humans and animals seem to be part of natural diversity. Please don't flog yourself for being "unnatural"!

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    very interesting ideas. There could be some truth in here, but as you said, it's just a theory. It is arguable that the increase in youth homosexuality is due to the increased public awareness/acceptance, thereby causing a cascade of people "coming out" because they feel they don't need to be secretive. But what about places where standard western foods aren't available? what's homosexuality like there? New Guinea, parts of Africa? IDK myself, it's just a point to consider. I've wondered myself whether homosexuality is a result of hormonal imbalance, but the literature that I've seen doesn't fully support this. Additionally, could there be value in utilizing animal behavioral observance? Again idk, but is homosexuality present in other species, specifically primates? Gotta hand it to you OP, this post got the cogs turning for me

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    Homosexuality has always been around. It took the development of cities to allow people to self-identify as "gay", find each other and form a sub-culture. And as a culture forms, so do cultural norms, identity politics and other things that box people into categories. What if you don't fit into the categories that gay people have created? What does that make you then? Does that mean you are making a "choice" or is it that you are forced to make a choice because there still isn't a place for you?

    Or it could be your hormones. I don't know. After 50 years, I kinda don't care what my own sexuality is anymore. It is whatever it wants to be at the time.
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    I don't know about primates but there is evidence that frogs change gender with exposure to the herbicide atrazine.

    Atrazine induces complete feminization and chemical castration in male African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis)
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    While I think looking to other animal species can be illustrative, I don't think it's at all helpful when it comes to gender/sexuality division, something more concrete and less concrete depending on what species you are. Some species are by default all female unless sexual reproduction is needed.

    I think OP just wants to find some way to label gayness as unnatural...while I've thought (out loud, to some peeps' disgust) about whether gayness is unnatural, I think at the end of the day it's not. Like others have said, homosexuality has been around for as long as human civilizations have been around, at every single type of dietary macro, level of nutrition, exposure to environmental stressors, etc. Genetic, developmental, or whatever the cause is, it's just as unnatural as skin color or hair color IMO.

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    I want to ruminate on this one for a while.

    So for now I just want to say thank you for putting it all out there. That takes courage and frankly, speaks well for your future.

    You are in a great place. Not to worry!

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    I'm not married to any of the explanations/theories on homosexuality. I'm not saying I judge anyone, but I'm not convinced it's genetic or epigenetic or what. (I certainly don't think it's a choice). Interesting thoughts though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TQP View Post
    I think OP just wants to find some way to label gayness as unnatural...
    I am homosexual... why would I want it to be unnatural? I am simply removing my biased opinions.

    I've seen your posts all over this forum, and in one of them you claim that you're tired of people being arrogant, when all of your posts point fingers, use biased opinions, and in the end, come off as arrogant.

    I posted this for a discussion, not a bunch of your opinions.

    and I'm sure most LGBT wouldn't like hearing 'gayness.'
    Or intelligent people for that matter.

    Also, why would looking at other animals and species not help? Are we not just another species? Cause I'm pretty sure we are.

    Do you think we've evolved into higher emotional states in which we can fall in love with the same sex? Cause from an evolutionary standpoint, that wouldn't be a good thing for evolution.
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    Wow, Danny. I am impressed by your genuineness and your openness to using reason for what is a highly emotional topic for so many. Reality is that most people rely on emotion both to define homosexuality as unnatural and to define it as natural. I'm a bit confused by whether you begin feeling attraction to women when you are or are not on the paleo diet. At any rate, finding a hormone tie to sexuality surely sounds plausible for some, even if it is not the answer for all. A blood test of your hormones would certainly be a great place to start. Wish you the best.

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