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    How do I cut back on shampooing?

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    So I'd like to cut back on shampooing. I currently shampoo every day and my hair is straight but kind of frizzy lately. I'm about to go on a so trip, and I thought that would be a good time to try cutting back and shampoo less often. How do I go about it? Do I just wash my hair less often? What do I do if my hair feels sweaty after exercise? Is rinsing with water enough?

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    My wife has real oily hair so now she does what she calls no poo. She uses apple cider vinegar for conditioner and some sort of baking powder to shampoo. Seems to be working for her. I'm not sure all the details, but I think you can google no poo.

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    First things first... You need a few good NATURAL replacements for shampoos and soaps and other cleaning products.

    Here's an excellent one I have used with great success to help reduce dandruff and other skin issues I tend to have (it's an awesome shampoo/hair cleaner too):

    Dealing With Skin Issues - YouTube

    And here is a great option to double as a skin moisturizer and a hair conditioner:

    Vinegar Wash & Oil Treatment - YouTube

    But these are very powerful replacements (even while being fully natural), so you must respect them! Even though they're completely made of natural substances you must be sure not to use them daily or you may do more harm than good. Make a goal of only using them two or three times a week. Maybe that means only showering that often too, so that you're not tempted to wash your hair every time you get under the water. Besides, if you don't have a shower filter to filter out the nasties in tap water, showering less will be better for your skin and hair overall by reducing your exposure to the harsh chemicals in city water. Also, thanks to "transdermal" absorption, you'll see internal benefits to showering less frequently as well!
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    I went from washing my hair daily to washing my hair maybe once a week at the moment.
    I just rinse it with water while showering daily (I love my relax time under the shower) and I wait until it feels dirty when your run your fingers through it.
    In the beginning I washed it every other day but now only on sundays after my tennis practice. I actually found that my hair felt healthier when it isn't washed...
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    Just space out the times you do wash your hair, I started with alternate days until I felt I could leave it one more day etc etc. If you feel the need to hurry the process you can wrap your hair or wear a hat to give you an extra day without washing here and there. Give your hair a good brush before you go to bed each night to clean dust and dirt out. I think it took me about a year to get happily to every third day, its a long process ! Now I only really wash my hair if it has got smelly or dirty and the brushing hasn't worked, after a BBQ or swimming in the sea mostly,. Its been 10 years or more since I started and I wash my hair only when needed so about every 6 weeks. Actually I think I started in 2000 after reading about how the hair should be self cleaning so that's 14 years. Ouch >.<
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    My method.
    Day 1: Wear your hair however you like.
    Day 2: If your hair is long, wear a pony-tail. Or wear a headband or barrettes or something.
    Day 3: Wear a braid or pony tail and a hat.
    Day 4: Wash hair and start again.

    If you are backpacking, wear the hat and braid every day. Every 2 or 3 days take the braid(s) out and brush and rebraid. Funny how it'll still smell like shampoo after so many days in the braid.
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    I haven't used shampoo in over a month. I use baking soda ACV method. .. I really like it. I'll massage coconut oil in my hair a couple times a week and make sure I rinse it really well every day when I shower and massage my scalp. Don't give up if at first your hair seems really dry or unmanageable if you try this, test out longer or shorter periods between baking soda, try white vinegar, and coconut oil works amazing. Shampoo can strip your natural oils so the time between quitting shampoo and establishing a BS/ACV routine can be tough while your scalp is trying to maintain homeostasis. I love this and I save a ton of money and my hair is super soft and always feels clean and healthy.

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    I have dry, curly hair, and I hardly ever use shampoo. I do, however, cleanse my hair daily, or every other day. I use silicone-free conditioner, and scrub a lot with my fingertips. This is sometimes referred to as co-washing. Scrubbing the scalp well is important, to loosen oils and prevent pores and hair follicles from getting clogged. If you are going to drop the shampoo, it is important to avoid silicone chemicals in your hair products, because they are not water soluble.

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    I have long fine dark hair and understand the tyranny of frequent washing, its the drying that irks me. And I dont feel it to be natural to wash hair continuously, even with great shampoo - current fave Neem Shampoo from A.Vogel

    I swim thrice weekly and chorinated water seeps in despite cap, nonetheless my hair is is good condition and often draws compliments! Which I attribute in part to less frequent washing - every third or fourth day.

    As Alisoncapricorn suggests I would start by letting your hair go 'dirty' on alternate days and get used to the feeling of that and see if you can extend.

    My hair is gorgeous day one, good day two, by day three a bit iffy, I am tying it back and if I had a social or an important appointment I would probably wash it. I can leave it an additional fourth day if I will be at home alone; it does get very oily by then.
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