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Thread: Do You Eat Peanuts and/or Peanut Butter?

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    Do You Eat Peanuts and/or Peanut Butter?

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    Simple question...

    Do you eat peanuts and/or peanut butter. Why or why not?
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    Occasionally... as in very occasionally. They're just tasty.

    The peanuts, just sort of happen. "Oh look... trail mix" sort of situations. I just don't bother picking the peanuts out- lol.

    Peanut butter... I buy it sometimes. I go for the organic, and it's dirt cheap. I generally don't buy nut butter of any kind at all now, since I can't seem to control myself around it. I think I bought a jar last month, enjoyed it for 2 days, and was fine with it. Probably won't eat it again for another 3-4 months.

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    Yes. I eat peanuts and organic peanut butter. I ignore all the comments about how I'm poisoning myself.

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    Very rarely, only if it's a choice of that or something worse. At work, we have packaged snacks for the clients/customer who come in and on a couple of occasions I've grabbed the little bag of Planters peanuts as opposed to the Chex Mix, Gardettos, fruit snacks, cookies, you get the idea.

    Peanut butter maybe one serving every few weeks. I find myself preferring almond butter now anyway, it's got a nice natural sweetness.

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    I dont eat any sort of nuts/seeds because of the omega 6 content. And of course because i can never just have one serving...
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    nope, unless like Diana said they appear in a trail mix or something. Don't go out to buy them though.

    Not enough nutrition to be worth the antinutrients.

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    Peanut Sprouts

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    I don't eat them because of the carcinogenicity and ubiquity of aflatoxin in anything but fresh peanuts. Also other nuts (I know, I know, it's a legume) have better mineral content anyways.
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    No I don't anymore, I was eating peanut butter when eating a training diet and then it was a spoon full to balance my fat and protein intake.

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    I do occasionally. I make a stir fry sauce with PB, coconut milk and some spices which I love to bits. Also PB and a granny smith apple is one of my favourite snacks.

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