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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzie125 View Post
    imported Irish butter and elitely produced grass fed beef.
    Can you elaborate on this, as I'd like to know what you mean about Irish butter and grass-fed beef.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark91345 View Post
    Can you elaborate on this, as I'd like to know what you mean about Irish butter and grass-fed beef.
    Are you new to this site? To primal? I thought that awareness of the reasons for grassfed beef and butter from pastured cows was foundational to primal.
    Kerrygold butter is from milk from pastured cows, which means more CLA, lower Omega 3, Higher Omega 3, as is grassfed beef. It is hard to find butter like this in the U.S (one company makes it, but it is seasonal, and only at fancy shops); Kerrygold is from Ireland and imported, sold also at upscale supermarkets and costs a premium. In the US grassfed beef is also sold at a premium because conventional US beef is fed corn, which is not something cows are supposed to eat. In other countries, grass fed beef is more the norm, I believe, and so is easier to find and afford. Of course, in the US corn is so cheap one can never be sure the beef one buys hasn't been fed it. I tend to buy grassfed imported from Australia, which is cheaper than the locally grown stuff, but I am not sure why.

    If you need more about WHY to eat these, read Mark's book and look through the boards. A lot has already been said about this.
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