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    Leg cramps?

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    Just been doing primal for a week. I'm not sure if it's the diet or the 7 flights of stairs I decided to climb the other day after being sedentary. That evening I had such bad leg cramps. I tried to get out of bed to flex my leg and ended up falling on my night stand and gashing my head. Blood everywhere. Trip to emergency room, luckily no stitches but a nice goose egg on my head and even my jaw hurts, pretty sure I have a concussion. Has anyone else had leg cramps after starting primal? I'm thinking I over did it on the stairs. However people tell me I need more potassium or calcium and lot of water. Anyone else mishaps when they started primal?

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    Easy does it, right. You remind me of myself. "I'll do this and by the end of the week". Then you find out just how out of shape you are. Been there, hang tough and follow the diet strictly and you'll get where you want to be. Good luck

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    I would GUESS that it was the stairs! Can you take an Epsom salt bath? That may provide some comfort. I'm an "all in" type person as well, just be careful. Stretch after you're done exercising. Pay attention if your body says "enough". The discomfort will go away soon.

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