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Thread: calorie and fat questions

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    calorie and fat questions

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    Hi all,

    I am currently making the switch from zone to more of a primal diet. I based my diet goals on the "primal eating plan". I came up with 130-160g protein and 70-100g carbs per day filling in the rest with healthy fats. I have been tracking my diet on fitday and I came up with a couple of questions.

    I am 5'11", 194, 19% BF. I fly a desk and CF 5 days a week. My goals are to trim down to around 15% BF and around 185 lbs. I am pretty much a average-Joe crossfitter without any near term competitive goals other than being as fit as I can be.

    I WAGd that I should be consuming between 2k and 2.5k cals daily. Does that seem correct?

    When I eat the required pros and carbs my fat intake is nearly 50% of my cals. Does that seem high to anybody?

    Any advice would be great!



    P.S. I attached a copy of my food log if that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnerm109a6 View Post
    Does that seem high to anybody?
    Not at all.
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    I would recommend a higher fat % (65%+), and less carbs to speed up the weight loss.

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