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Thread: Need ideas for Shredded Venison in its own Tallow page

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    So my wonderful parents gave me an entire deer to put in my big freezer. Or well, an entire deer's worth of meat anyways (not the whole thing. ha ha).

    I got some steaks and lots of ground, but I'm a little thrown by the large amounts of pre-cooked and SHREDDED Venison meat in its own tallow - so it cooks up nice and fatty.

    So, ideas? What could I use it for? I've thought of maybe mexican flavorings and using it like pulled pork? I don't know... I'd love any recipe ideas, especially fairly simple ones to keep it easy and quick to throw together.

    Thanks in advance!

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    ropa vieja!

    make a nice soup/stew served in a bowl instead of over rice.

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