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    (Not) Wearing a Bra

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    Hey girls and boys maybe
    What do you think of wearing a bra?
    I'm currently 18 years old and have been "braless" for most of the time since I began to have breasts While it surely isn't 'primal' to wear a bra, I wonder if there are some real pros of wearing it. Is there a correlation between sagging and (not) wearing a bra? I reaallyy feel way more comfortable without it.
    What do you think?

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    I think any girl 18 or over should totally decide for herself whether or not to wear a bra, and update everyone on her progress on her journey, with pictures as necessary.

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    Can Wearing Your Bra Cause Cancer?

    Answer seems to be, potentially, yes. But the jury is still out there on the specifics and whether the increase is large enough to worry about. Plus, there are alternatives that may be safer than traditional models that may work just as well depending on your needs.

    This link has lots of information.
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    Hmmm. Good question! I think boobs are similar to balls and if I were a dude id be a boxer wearer not a budgie-smuggler wearer.

    Meaning they shouldn't be squashed, compressed, heated up, compacted, pressed against the body etc etc.
    Its easier for a dude to look after that though.

    I hate wearing synthetic bras for starters. Cotton breathes, less heat- up.
    I mainly wear a shelf tank (is that what theyre called?) While at home but a bra if I go out. Im mainly at home with my son.

    Oh the days are gone where I could go braless in a tight singlet! Lol. Ill never be the same again now after my baby! my body is ruined! *sobs*

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    There was some 40-yr long study done in France, I think, about wearing not wearing bras for long term. I think the results were that it's better to be braless. I would be interested in seeing what the success of going braless compared to size of breast would be though. I am fairly small chested, 34A or 32B, so it's easy/comfortable for me to go without a bra almost every day.
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    There is too much texture there for me not to go without a bra plus the jiggling is an unwanted distraction for others. If my boobs were smaller and smoother for sure I'd never wear a bra.
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    Well mine are certainly small but I like their shape lol that's why I have no probs being braless. And I've noticed that braless girls tend to have less saggy boobs later in life.. Maybe it's similar to feet and shoes and how arch supports often actually weaken your foot, don't help flat feet much and being barefoot is the way to go...

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    Yes there was some French research that concluded going braless is good for prevention of sagging or whatever, but honestly if you LIFT WEIGHTS that would prevent sag better than any bra vs. no bra effect.

    I know bras can cause cancer (at least the lined ones with foam...this is why one of my friends has a whole line of unlined bras). However, I NEED them if I'm going out in public. Clothes look weird without bras when I'm like...a D/DD (depending on brand). I can't even deal with the unlined bras because they just look weird under clothes. As for cancer...a LOT of things cause cancer and I have to pick and choose what risks I'm willing to take and what I'm not. Bras? I have to wear them to work/school. There's no way around it. If you're worried about cancer, just get unlined bras (i.e. without any foam/gel's the free radicals from these components that tend to cause cancer).

    I don't wear a bra around the apartment though.

    TL;DR... if you don't want to and don't need to wear a bra, that's cool...if you do...that's also cool.
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    No way I could get a way braless. Maybe before children, but a D/DD bobbing around would have drawn attention.

    After having 4 way. No stretch in this body from genetics. Someday I hope to get a reduction/lift and then if I can braless would be a possibility.

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