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Thread: Living in a National Park - what to add to improve diet?

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    Living in a National Park - what to add to improve diet?

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    Hi all,

    Next week I will be starting a job in Zion's National Park. While this means I will easily be able to move primally on a daily basis, my diet by itself may be less than desirable. I will be working for the concessionaire, Xanterra. They are legally obligated to provide room and 3 meals per day, the cost of which will be deducted from our paychecks. I have done something like this before, though for a different company, so I know what to expect in terms of what will be served in the Employee Dining Room.

    Breakfast: eggs from the shake n pour carton, CAFO bacon, breakfast style potatoes, oatmeal, cereal, fresh cut fruit, bagels, toast

    Lunch & Dinner: Mostly CW based rather than SAD...salad bar with seed oil based dressings, CAFO meat or seafood, veggies steamed or sauteed in seed oil, grain (pasta or rice), dessert

    Besides avoiding the obvious no nos like grabbing a bagel for breakfast, what would you bring to supplement this diet? I am considering getting a mini fridge to keep perishables. What do you think about bringing fermented CLO to even out the 3:6 ratio? EVOO and BV to dress the salads? Canned salmon to add to salads or eat as is? Veggie powder mixed w/ water?

    Since getting charged for food is not optional I'm trying to take what will be given and supplement it, but not spend a fortune.

    Thanks all!

    Edited to clarify: The job starts next week but I will most likely be working until the end of September.
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    I'd not worry about it as It's only a week. Make as many sensible choices as you can. Unless you're seriously intolerant to something, just eat what you know is good.

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