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    Anyone make their own Nut butters?

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    What kind of grinder do you use? I would like a grinder that does not require oil to be added.

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    I have a cheap miniature 2 cup food processor that does a nice job with small amounts. For a single serving you can use a coffee bean grinder with good results.

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    My vitamix is fantastic for making any kind of nut butters without added oil. I bought it 10 years ago for $400! (The thing should be driving me to work and back, but it has been worth the price!). I recently saw the newest version of the vitamix at costco (it was only on a Sunday - someone was demoing it for a crowd). The cost of the newest one under $100!! If you can find one at your local costco or online for this price - buy it! You wont regret it.

    I have made peanut, cashew, macadamia nut, almond, sunflower, pumpkin and mixed nut butters. Always taste best right out of the blender with a spoon!

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    I've made almond butter and used my KitchenAid food processor. Worked fairly well, since I don't mind a little texture in my butter.
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    I too use a Kitchen Aid food processor. It works great. The trick is to let it keep going. It takes several minutes. When the nut butter starts clumping let it run more. You don't need to add a thing to it. It will eventually get creamy. We make peanut, almond, cashew, pistachio, sunflower butters regularly. My 4 year old LOVES them all.

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    I made my own almond butter without additional oil in my cuisinart. I really liked the texture - almost mousse-like - but I didn`t appreciate the overheating of my cuisinart since it took almost 20 minutes of grinding on high speed to get the butter the right consistency. Making your own is no cheaper than just buying the top quality stuff, so that`s what I do.

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