I've been gone for WAY too long. But I would so much like to get back to primal living. Sick of too tight pants (that used to fit). Sick of jumping on the scale all the time, fearing what number is next. And sick of thinking about food all the freaking time. Lately, I've been completely obsessed with food. I think the problem is that when I eat sugary, starchy food all the time, I just want more more more!

BUT most of all, I want to max the positive energy in my life. In particular, I want to feel my VERY BEST for my wedding, which is in only 9 weeks time! So could there possibly be a better time to try being primal again? Probably not!

I decided that this weekend, I'll be kind to myself - in the good way. So I've been working out, I've used both the sauna and the bathtub, and I've cooked some DE-LICIOUS primal stuff. I've filled up the fridge with healthy stuff that I love. And I've baked primal "bread" (zuccini-and-sesame-seed-loaf, zuccini-and-flaxmeal-loaf). So now I'm prepared for the upcoming week! Yeah!

Week 1, day 1 (Sunday):
B: Eggs, tiny bit of really dark danish rye bread leftover..
L: Zuccini bread with cheese and ham
D: Pulled pork with sweet potato and zuccini mash - SERIUOSLY YUM!
Snack: Piece o' dark chocolate, some yoghurt with blueberries, few cahsewnuts

Workout: Tai chi (Never tried it before - not really my thing. Look forward to going back to yoga)
Weight: 59.6 kg