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    just for an example. in addition to what griff said, the biggest loser exists to satiate america's "i want it all to happen right now" attitude, and not really focusing on life changes that require more time to implement, but result in sustainable life long results. if they really cared about that, one season of TBL would last, like, 5 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
    1) They ask why they can't have a piece of bread here or there as long as they stay under whatever number of carbs they decided to limit themselves to.

    I mean i don't bother with any grains because I don't trust myself to stop at one piece of bread or 2oz of pasta.
    The thought in the second sentence is the answer to the question in the first. They may not like that answer, in which case, they are free to have a slice of bread every now and then. If through the elimination process they discover an adverse reaction to grains, or dairy, or sugar, or whatever, then they will stop eating it, hopefully. Dr. Eades recently photographed a patrami sandwich he bought. He at half a piece of bread. It's not going to kill you. Lots of centenarians got there eating a little bread. Those you are trying to help have cultures like Italy and France to throw in your face, so be reasonable.

    I had the same kind of fights two weeks into being primal. No one would listen. 7 weeks in, and lots of results, and them doing their own research, to confirm what I've been saying, and I have a couple converts. What's even better is I have several playing with primal ideas in the closet. They don't want to admit that I was right, but they are sure watching their diets much more closely. That's the power of the example.

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    1) They ask why they can't have a piece of bread here or there as long as they stay under whatever number of carbs they decided to limit themselves to.
    I'd share w/ them links to PB 101, esp the def. guide to grains. Grains contain toxic substances and do more harm than good. Some folks, like the Drs. Eades, contain bread in their lower carb, semi primal diets, and I guess that works for some. My dad follows the Eade's Protein Power Lifeplan, and eats one peice of bread a day, and it's working for him/what he wants (to lower blood pressure. I think he'd be better off w/out the bread at all, but that is just my path--I really like being grain free.) Why is it not included in the Primal Blueprint? Because eating bread is not primal--paleolithic folks would NOT have been eating bread. We have not evolved to eat bread. But it's up to each of us what we want to eat--they can really have whatever they want.

    Sounds to me like you've already done a ton for them. But it is their choice what they want to put in their bodies, and after sharing the basic info, I'd say, "if you want to know more, check out these sites" and leave it at that. I totally agree w/ this:
    Hand them a copy of the PB, and tell them to come back and talk to you when they've read it.
    If folks are *really* interested in learning about a new WOE, they will take responsibility for their own health when presented with information (like the MDA site or PB book) and look into it. I feel it's not my responsibility to prove anything to anyone--the results of primal living in my own vibrancy and body speak for themselves. If they are really interested, they'll come around in time. (And many do...)

    2) the other big one is and please do imagine it in the whiniest, snottiest voice possible. "but then why does weight watchers work or the people on biggest loser??hmmm?"
    I'd tell them I don't believe it really works, at least statistically speaking. (I don't have the source, but I believe only 5% of folks who go on caloric restriction diets lose weight and keep it off long term.) And there is tons of info on why in _Good Calories, Bad Calories_, which they could also read and then talk to you about as well if they are so inclined.

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    On Robb Wolf's podcast a week or two ago he mentioned a researcher that believes it takes the gut about 6 months to completely heal from gluten damage. Even the more conservative estimates of ~10 weeks for your gut to heal are enough for me to never even consider cheating with gluten.

    That piece of bread every now and then is likely to keep your gut in a constant state of trying to repair gluten damage.

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    I've been telling people that Primal is all about nutritional science. Eating Primal means getting all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to be healthy, not just lean. That seems to satisfy most of their questions. People can't seem to wrap their heads around the no grain part though. They seem to think we've been eating bread for millions of years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeatMe216 View Post
    Meat IS love <B<B<B
    Heart fail. <3
    .`.><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>
    ><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>

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    I don't really follow a Primal Diet but I have had "my own" way of eating for many years. In many ways it isn't that far off from some of the beliefs of PB, low carb as well other healthy ways of eating. I am of the opinion that these things are correct or just plain "eating" rather than "ways of" eating. I'm just eating! At one time there wasn't a "way to eat." You just ate to survive and it was instinct.
    At work people have viewed my ways as odd at times or called my food health food or even commented that I eat weird stuff. It strikes me as funny that they don't see what they are eating as odd. McDonalds french fries, junk food, potato chips and pretzels, diet soda, full sugar soda, processed meats (cold cuts), boxed food, and to make sure they stay healthy they'll add a granola bar in the morning.

    My response is that I am eating real food. Not food that has been created in a factory or even a lab. I am just "eating." "What the hell are you doing?" Why don't I eat any of the stuff they eat? Because I look at it as if it hasn't been invented yet!! I eat as if this stuff doesn't exist....that is how I can resist it. Before there was a food factory, a mass produced foodlike substance, a fake food made from extracting a nutrient from a real food, a donut, a pizza, there was only plants and animals. Anything I ate I made myself. Anything I eat I make myself. I say "they are eating weird...not me."

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    I agree Wanderer...People always ask me how I remain so "strict" on my "diet" and resist snacks...Because when I see a package of oreos, I don't see food. People seem to think that eating real food takes some sort of willpower. To me, eating garbage takes a lot more use of will!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeatMe216 View Post
    I tell the non-believers that a vegetarian/whole grain diet is the way to go. I dont need them jacking up meat prices.
    I know this is a joke but meh.

    Prices would only rise in the short-term. It would actually be to our advantage if everyone adopted primal eating habits.

    Anyway, if asked, I tell the non-believers everything I can. It usually makes for an interesting conversation.

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    I really wish the rest of the world would catch up with us! I am in nursing school and I want to lose my mind any time someone brings up nutrition (CW ofcourse) I can't say anything to my instructors of course. Then we have to make care plans for PTs, which includes diet menus and of course Im suppose to push cherios and bananas for high cholesterol people and so on. Fustrating! Im pretty sure after I get my MA Im going to become a nurse midwife with my own practice so hopefully I can have a bit of control!

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