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Thread: BF is getting sick of eggs...need some new recipes

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    BF is getting sick of eggs...need some new recipes

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    Hello This is my first post here, but I've been primal-ish for a couple of months now. I'm a college student, and up until April the two of us lived on stereotypical college fare - ramen, cereal, pasta, pizza, junk food. That stuff is cheap but unhealthy, and it was causing some problems for me to boot.

    Anyway, I've found that eggs are my go-to food nowadays because they're cheap and easy but my boyfriend says he's gonna start hating them pretty quick, lol. Do you guys have any egg recipes that don't taste too 'eggy'? Or any other cheap breakfast recipes for that mattter, lol.

    I'm not too creative with my cooking yet, but I've made quiches, some omelettes, egg salad, and today I tried the curry chicken clafouti from the blog and it was delicious

    Thanks in advance! I'm sure there's a ton of delicious recipes out there that I haven't thought to try.

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    somehow I egg'd myself out. I can only eat (enjoy eating anyways) hardboiled or pickled eggs now. I can down 12 pickled eggs in one sitting easy.

    For cheap breakfast, I get bulk ground sausage and fry that up with some bacon. Fatty meaty goodness

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    If I'm not eating eggs for breakfast, I like
    Cocoa flavored whey powder smoothie with whole milk, a splash of heavy cream, ice cubes & a few berries, or
    Smoked salmon, fresh avacodo, bacon & a few berries or cherries
    The banana-almond butter pancakes on the MDA recipes link are excellent and delicate (I like scambled eggs on the side!)

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    I can't ever get enough eggs especially when I can have some bacon with them. I'd say "You're sick of eggs? Good, more for me!"

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    We're on a budget too, here are some tips that help us stay primal
    -Cook meals for 4 and save half for a second meal.
    -Don't buy cleaning supplies, make your own! That saves more $ for food.
    -Don't eat out, make a few meals ahead of time for those nights you just don't want to cook.
    -Be willing to go to more than one grocery store. I check all the specials at the various stores and make my grocery list based off of that.
    -Make a "menu" for the week. Then make a list of what you need for those meals and buy only the things on your list at the store.

    And to get back to the question you actually asked (hope the other stuff was helpful)
    ingredients: muffin tin, eggs, bacon or prosciutto, veggies (I like little tomatoes & asparagus)
    -cook bacon 1/2way
    -You are going to create a bacon muffin tin wrapper. Take 2 pieces of bacon and place them on top of a hole in an x pattern. Press the bacon down so it is fitted to the whole. Then crack 1 egg in the hole.
    -Toss the tomatoes in olive oil, salt & pepper. Place these in a couple of the holes (1 hole per person)
    -Cut the asparagus in thirds. Toss in olive oil, salt & pepper. Place standing up in holes (1 hole per person)
    Bake in a 400degree oven for 15minutes or until the egg whites are firm.

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    Pancakes made with eggs and coconut flour are pretty damn good.

    I don't have a favorite recipe but you can find various online.

    I normally use 1 tablespoon of flour per egg. You can be creative and add cacao powder, vanilla extract, cinnamon, etc.

    Today I tried adding coconut milk to it, major fail. So I don't recommend it. Add it as a topping.
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    @rphlslv, that reminds me of the banana pancakes they posted on here a while ago. Its not as good for you as almond butter, but we have replaced almond butter with peanut butter a couple of times when an almond allergic friend came over.

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    Thanks for all the tips guys! @Bird Goddess and rphlslv - I was thinking of getting coconut or almond flour for pancakes because I miss them. I'll definitely give those recipes a try!

    @Namasteak - don't worry, all those tips will help me out. Your recipe sounds pretty good too - I'll give it a try and see if my guy can handle it, lol. If not, more for me I s'pose!

    @MeatMe216 - ground sausage is a pretty good breakfast idea too! I forgot how cheap that stuff can be.

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    whats a good ground sausage that isnt full of crap that is NOT jimmy dean?

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    @Rivvin, what kind of sausage are you looking for? I can normally find any sausage I want at the store and if I want it ground I just squeeze it out of the casing.

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