I began the primal lifestyle on June 6,2010
My husband is on this adventure with me and we are easing our children into it. I have three sons. 8, 4 and 7 weeks. The newborn is pretty easy since he's nursing.

I have struggled with my weight since 1996 when I was diagnosed with some medical issues and put on medication which caused weight gain, but triggered the vicious cycle. I have done the low fat diet, on to the low glycemic diet, on to all whole grains, chronic cardio, then weight training. Having three children in the midst of all this too. I saw some success at weight loss when weight training, but was still having energy problems.

Anyway, it's been two weeks now and I am thrilled to be off the insulin rollercoaster. I've lost 1 lb so far. I am hoping it's just going to take some time to flip those hormone switches and then I'll watch the weight come off.

I'm 5'3" 165.4 lbs
According to my scale I'm at 38% body fat. I am only 7 weeks post partum and nursing.

I am following the PB exercise guidelines. I'm really enjoying this approach!

My husband and I are enjoying being able to include fat in the diet and cutting out grains has helped cut out sugar.

This past weekend all 5 of us went for a 4 hr walk/hike. Yesterday and today is bodyweight exercises.