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Thread: Devils advocate

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    okinawan diet has been discussed here, so here is the funny thing about it: recently i watched a program on japanese tv featuring the currently most popular dish on okinawa: white rice with margarine: just white rice and margarine (apparently a lot of it)

    and in general, since the end of ww2 okinawa has become an american colony, with more than 75 percent of all american military bases located there, which has led to relatively high level of westernization of dietary habits , and guess what: okinawa has the highest obesity level in all japan (yet paradoxically okinawans have the longest lifespans among all japanese)

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    Here's a great article on the Okinawan diet from Dr. B.G. over at the Animal Pharm blog:

    Note that the Okinawans eat a type of bitter melon that lowers glucose (which would lead to less insulin secretion and the one consistent determining factor for longevity is low lifetime insulin output- that's one of the reasons CRON works) and eat less carbs/rice and more fat/protein than the rest of Japan. Pork belly is one of their favorite foods.

    Here's another article from the same blog on the effects of the pork/saturated fat on the Okinawan's hormone levels and adrenal gland health (which is so interesting to me, because in Chinese medicine, pork is known as being beneficial for the kidney/adrenal system, which is thought to control aging and sex hormone production.)

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    Maybe if we started thinking about fish as "meat" again, at least some of this would be demystified.

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