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    Quote Originally Posted by Suse View Post
    How would they test my cortisol in the middle of the night though.... or are you saying it is the early morning test that provides the evidence of high cortisol levels?
    You can do a home saliva test that measures four times in a day, including at night, although I can't remember the exact times off the top of my head. Your levels should be highest around 8am, but if they're too high it's indicative of a problem. I haven't done the home saliva test - my Dr. felt that my super-high 8am cortisol level, plus other symptoms of cortisol issues, were enough to try a supplement. I'm sure there would be further testing involved before he would prescribe a steroid or other medication.

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    magnesium has helped me along with valerien root. sweet dreams!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kermie View Post
    Is it a racing mind that keeps you up at night? You are probably stressing yourself out and would benefit from trying some relaxation techniques and meditations. No tv/computer screens after sun down would help. I recommend reading I Can Make You Sleep by Paul McKenna.
    I don't personally feel at all stressed but maybe poor self-awareness can mask that. It's just that at night I start feeling like a bunny rabbit and very energized. Going to sleep is usually the least though on my head. Then again In the morning I feel like a zombie. Could be a problem with circadian rhythm but I try to make my room pitch dark couple of hours before i plan to go to sleep.

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    Try a long walk about an hour before bed. My wife and I have been walking much more lately, and I sleep so much better since doing so.

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