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Thread: What not to eat to lose BF

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    What not to eat to lose BF

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    Hi everyone,
    I've been primal(-ish) for about 3 weeks. I was on a pretty restricted diet already before going primal, so the only thing i had to cut out was pasta once a week, and rice with a curry.

    On the plus side, i've had eggs, some cheese, cheesecake (no base), and the topping of a quiche or two, oh and lots of coconut!

    Anyhoo, since making the switch, i've been gaining about a pound a week.

    I do eat a lot of fruit / veg and fish, and don't eat poultry or meat.

    What changes do i need to make to jump start the fat burning fun?


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    Watch that cheesecake -- crust notwithstanding, the filling is packed with sugar.

    You may need to cut back on fruit to keep carbs below 50g (total, not net) daily for optimum fat burning.

    Why don't you eat poultry or red meat? They aren't necessary, but surely do make getting full on protein and fat easier!
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    Yeh, the cheesecake was a one of fathers day thing I'm a veggie (do eat fish, eggs, cheese) but not poultry or meat.

    i guess that leaves me eggs and fish and the occasional nut?

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    Cut back on the fruit and make sure you get enough eggs and fish to supply you with enough protein.

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    Yeah I agree, consuming protein is the main factor in maintaining muscle in a deficit (weight bearing exercise is manditory), which allows for a high percentage of fat being lost when in a deficit........

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    If you are doing calorie deficit and weight training than a refeed is also appropriate.
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    I'm doing the simplefit thing (started level3 today), havent yet introduced lifting heavy or sprints into the schedule yet. I do 1-2 hours intense martial arts on the weekend as well.

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