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Thread: What primal foods can i take to the beach??

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    What primal foods can i take to the beach??

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    So, we are oging on vacation with my inlaws. We just found out I am pregnant and we are not telling anyone (which is whay i have this dilema. If we told them then they would perhaps understand my heightened craziness). I am normally super crazy about organic/clean food, but in my past experience with being pregnant (this is baby #3), I get even crazier. We will be there for a week and i need some ideas on what i can make, freeze and eat (we are staying at a beach house for a week), that I can easily transport in the car for 1/2 a day (the beach we are going ot is far away and we are driving). I am already soaking all kinds of nuts and seeds, I have orgainc and gluten free chips (for DH and the kiddos), lots of organic fruit and veggies, etc. But, what i am worried about is meal times. I'd like to have stuff I can bring for everyone, but most importantly stuff I can bring that is already frozen (this is how the family likes it done), healthy, organic, and nutritious for not only the whole family but for a growing baby as well. Did this make sense? any thoughts?

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    How about primal chili, stew, and spaghetti sauce (to be served sans pasta)? Freeze in large ziplocs or tupperware. Doubles as ice for the icechest, and re-heats easily for filling, primal, one-pot -- or even microwave -- meals.
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    Will there be a barbeque? You could marinate meats in bags and freeze them for the bbq. Hard boil some eggs and put them back in the carton for quick snacks. You could bake a big batch of meatballs and freeze them then just add to organic jarred sauce. Chili and stew are good ideas, and a batch of taco meat that you could reheat and you could have taco salads (or tacos for the family if they eat that). A primal lasagna maybe?
    I'd prefer to use glass storage containers with the lids that can go from the freezer to oven for some things if you have them.
    Also, being at the beach means you have to have fresh pineapple and watermelon and other juicy fruits, right? those are easy to bring and so good on a hot day at the beach, yum.
    Enjoy your trip!

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    I would bring lots of meat for grilling out - a good dinner can always be made of grilled chicken or steak with a large salad and veggies. Maybe ground beef, cheese, and make a meatza one night.

    Also, just curious - what do you mean by soaking lots of nuts and seeds? What do you soak them for?

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