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    Going Primal in the Land of Rice and Noodles (SINGAPORE)

    Primal Fuel
    Dear MDA family:

    I send you all my warmest greetings from Singapore (85 miles north of the Equator).

    One week ago, I decided to embrace the Primal Blueprint as a template for my fitness and nutrition goals. One week later, 4lbs seemed to have disappeared from my frame. What the ... ?

    It isn't easy being Primal in the land of rice and noodles. But it CAN be done.

    1. Skip the white rice. Go for the meats, fish, fowl and vegetables alone.
    2. Skip the noodles - in any form.
    3. Skip the bubbly drinks with sugar. Water is the way to go. (I squeezed a whole lemon in my bottle water today and boy, was it refreshing - and tasty!)
    4. Skip the local snacks. They are all made of useless carbs anyway.

    I can't wait to see what 21 days will do for my body. I've never been proud of my body since the days in the Singapore army .. and 20 glorious years living/working in Ohio, USA - so I can't wait to reclaim what I've lost.

    And to all in other lands with rice and noodles, YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Hugs to all,
    The Primal Pianist
    When I grow up, I want to be like Mark Sisson.
    Can someone pass me another lifetime, please?

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    Hi Alex,
    My husband and I lived in Singapore for 2 years (we're back in the US now) so I know all the temptations there! I tried doing the South Beach diet for a while when I lived there, but was only successful if I cooked my own meals. How do you say "no" to chicken rice? Dumplings? NOODLES!?!?!! so good there, lah
    When I read your post, i tried to think of some take-out/dining options, and chicken satay came to mind, but then to me the best part is the peanut sauce, which sadly is a paleo no-no.
    Sinaporeans are so creative with their food so I'm sure you'll come up with some wonderful paleo delights. I do miss the food there very much. I live near Washington DC and we have hundreds of ethnic/foreign cuisines represented but I have yet to find a Singaporean restaurant.
    Anyway, good luck! I just started paleo a couple of days ago and have already lost a pound and have much more energy. I love it!

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    OMG can't express how happy I feel when I saw your thread! Finally found someone in Singapore!!! I'm trying to go primal too...while trying to overcome my BED...trying to train for my first many things to try doing together (actually I dunno if it's a good thing, or I should tackle one problem at a time?)

    Anyway, just glad to find a familiar keep posting regularly as I really find it quite hard to find primal dishes out here...with all the temptation of ramen, cafés and bakeries sprouting up! (Baked goods, desserts are my weakness)

    Cheers 😊

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    My Asian friends eat a lot of rice. I'd imagine Primal will quite a departure from their lifestyle. I love Asian food, I figure I can just order the stir-fried veggies dishes or the meat dishes they have but most of them are sweet tasting. Congrats and good luck to you!

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    PrimalPianist, can you give us an update? Curious to know how you're doing going Primal in Sing.

    I'm working in SG for a couple of months, and am trying to go Primal while I'm here. The only problem is...I love food shacks lah! And unfortunately the local hawker center is one of my only lunch options.

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