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    Paleo Doctor / Endocrinologist in NYC

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    Hi there,

    Has anyone had any good experiences with a primal or paleo oriented doctor in or around New York City? I'm dealing with some hormonal / female issues and really want to see someone who will do more than prescribe pills and send me on my way. Where it gets complicated is that I have cystic fibrosis, a fairly complex genetic condition, so I need someone who has an understanding of genetic diseases (and probably someone comfortable with conventional medicine as well). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would say that you need an endocrinologist that is nutritionally oriented......but you need a medical doctor to deal with the CF factor, in my view.

    I would read some of the reviews of the docs around you, go onto their sites, and see if any of them are nutritionally focused. You need someone that prioritizes nutritional aspects first, yet has the ability to alter medication regimens.
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