Hi! My name is Jason Banzhoff. I am from Hagerstown, MD. I was just introduced to Mark's Daily Apple a few weeks ago. Before that I was on a low-carb diet anyway but have found Mark's advice and articles very interesting and have helped me out so much.

In February I reached the 260 weight mark and knew it was time for a change. I was working out and exercising but didn't care what I was putting in my body. After consulting my doctor, he suggested a low-fat diet. I attempted one but had little success. I was on a low-carb diet before and found success, but fell of the train. By May I was sick of putting the weight on. At 251, I made a bet with 2 guys I work out with. I told them I would be down to 225 by July 1st. They told me it was impossible. The bet was, loser pays for lunch. I am proud to say as of today June 21st, I am at 227 with a little over a week until the official "weigh in". I have no plans of quiting either. July 1st, I may not not adhere to the primal way of eating, but I may just use that as my carb refeed