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Thread: Back on the Primal path!!

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    Back on the Primal path!!

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    Hey guys.

    Just started the 21 day challenge after being off it due to career choice for the last year. Really looking forward to getting back on track with living Primal again though!!

    Does anyone have any nifty little recipes a for quick breakfasts they'd like to share. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    Much love!!

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    My husband bakes up 3 lbs of bacon at a time, just a little undercooked so it heats up perfect in microwave and boils a dozen eggs at a time so breakfast is kind of pre-done. I enjoy the bacon and scramble a couple eggs every morning for myself. That usually keeps me full for a while. Or he will cook up a bunch of sausage in advance. Works for us!

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    Not a bad idea I'll have to try it.

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