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Thread: Hello from Arlington, VA

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    Hello from Arlington, VA

    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking around here for a bit and figured it's time to introduce myself. Several weeks ago a CrossFit buddy of mine turned me onto the diet and I decided to give it a go. Almost three weeks in I am twenty pounds and a feather lighter and have much more energy, endurance and just feel more alert (fish oil wooot!). I don't snore any longer.

    I haven't taken the plunge into CrossFit yet (or lifting at all for that matter), but have done it mainly through pick-up basketball games and a diet of fruit (prob too much), nuts, a ton of greens and shrimp/ck/beef. Primal has even turned me into a bit of a cook as I've made paleo chili in the crock pot and baked up a few batches of paleo energy bars.

    I no longer crave salty, processed foods (Wheat Thins were my go to snack and now I find that they don't have much taste at all), but as a beer geek I do miss my craft brews. Once I'm at my goal weight I'll reward myself with a few of those for sure.

    Anyway, I do intend to buy PB, but up to this point I have gotten everything off of forums like this one. Just wanted to say thank you for the wealth of information and motivational stories.

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    Northern Virginia
    Welcome to the club. I'm out in Centreville Virgina. Not too far away.

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    Welcome to the primal community!

    Glad to hear you are thoroughly enjoying the primal lifestyle. These forums do contain a wealth of information but the book is always a great read. I am reading it many times over!
    Find me at Cheers!

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