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Thread: Small rant - add your own if you want!! :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotusberries View Post
    Not her! She puts the baby downstairs to sleep. Has never slept in the same room as him. Also, breast feeding would mean she actually has to hold her baby, which she rarely does. Formula feeding means her husband can do it and she doesn't have to be bothered. I think I'm so annoyed because I've always wanted kids, and because of my husband's poor health I'm not sure if we will have any anytime soon, or ever, and seeing her have a baby and not appreciate it pisses me off.
    I hear you. It took us a while to get pregnant and it annoys me when parents don't realize what a wonder gift a baby is. I can understand when parents need a break, or as their kids get older they want them to be more autonomous, but babies are completely dependent.
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    On the subject of babies... I would like to rant about jars of baby food. WHY DO PEOPLE BUY THAT SHIT? How difficult is to boil or steam carrots/peas/potatoes/broccoli/apples and mash them up??? You can even use a food processor! If you want to buy a jar of carrots that are cooked and mashed for baby, why not just buy carrots? I have seriously seen 10lb bags of carrots in the produce section, already peeled, ready to cook. Just do a batch of those at the beginning of the week. I have not studied the ingredients in baby food, but I can't imagine that "carrots" contains only carrots, and "peas" contains only peas.

    And I can relate to the sugar thing... I know a lot of people that are shocked when foods contain sugar, soy, wheat, oils, whatever. And I'm like, "don't you see why I care so much?" and they're like "I had no idea spaghetti sauce would have sugar AND soy!" Really, I can't blame them, because it makes no sense to me that it's even in there to begin with. Tomato sauce should be tomatoes. Barbecue sauce should be tomatoes with molasses. But it's not.
    Stumbled into Primal due to food allergies, and subsequent elimination of non-primal foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Forager View Post
    This makes me so sad. What makes people think a manufactured "food" could be better for a human baby than mother's milk?!
    That's how everybody eats nowadays. The normal diet is highly processed and denatured food supplemented with a variety of chemical extracts, because it's better than real food!

    Quote Originally Posted by kathleen View Post
    On the subject of babies... I would like to rant about jars of baby food. WHY DO PEOPLE BUY THAT SHIT? How difficult is to boil or steam carrots/peas/potatoes/broccoli/apples and mash them up??? You can even use a food processor! If you want to buy a jar of carrots that are cooked and mashed for baby, why not just buy carrots?
    I never fed my daughter baby food. When she was ready to start cramming nuggets of food in her mouth, we gave her nuggets of food to cram in her mouth.

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    I'm skeptical about having kids, but what's the point of having one if they're not going to be the cornerstone of your life? That's like...the point. Are there no clinics in their area? Accidents happen and all, but you don't have to be stuck with them.

    My sibblings and I were all formula raised (and sweet tea raised - yeah, in a bottle, no kidding). I'm surprised I'm only half retarded and not full on potato.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariberry View Post
    My rant: Why won't people at least TRY to see if natural ways might help their situation before they just pop a pill in their mouths? It is so frustrating...
    I'll add to that- why do people insist on surgery FIRST??? I know several people that refused to try physical therapy, massage, acupuncture or anything else alternative and jumped straight to surgery as their first option. My DH is one of them. He had shoulder pain and went straight for surgery, and then was miserable for a year, has the same amount of pain he did prior to surgery, and sunk into a depression. On the bright side, at least he is willing to take supplements for mood support and now is no longer depressed.
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    Argh! These baby food and breastfeeding posts have gotten me riled!
    Only about 5% of mothers genuinely cannot breastfeed due to medical issues. The rest are either lazy or dont have their priorities straight. That being said it can be extremely extremely difficult for some mothers, especially when tongue ties etc are not noticed and nipples get shredded etc.

    How could you not WANT to hold your baby and hog that feeding time and have that amazing bond with your bub?! And not worry about bottles and formula and costs.?

    Breastfeeding and co sleeping are kinda lazy but its also the way we were meant to do it biologically. Parenting as a whole is hard work, why pay to make it harder? And why compromise the health of your offspring? its sad and upsetting. For the babies, for our future. Ok. Ill shut up now. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by codered5 View Post

    2. This is a forum rant - YOU CANNOT LOOSE WEIGHT PEOPLE! You LOSE weight...good lord I've never been so upset in the failings of literally has become my number one pet peeve. I mean good lord it makes me want to put my fist through the screen.

    OMG I so agree. it bugs me EVERYTIME I see this !!!!!!
    "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

    ...small steps....

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    My mom had to bottle feed my siblings because her breastmilk wouldn't stop gushing when I was a baby and so they gave her some sort of shot to help her stop.

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    I want to add feeding a baby is not black and white. Mothers mental and physical health, which can directly affect the baby's wellbeing, is a high priority and so should be considered in a difficult feeding situation.

    I didnt mean to sound harsh or that it is black and white coz it isn't, and dont want to offend some people
    But if you're outright lazy/selfish then I dont mind if I offended you

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    As George Carlin once said, "I don't have pet peeves.....I have major psychotic f-ing hatreds." Here are a few of mine, in no particular order.

    1) A propensity to accept any batshit claims as having validity simply because they are outside the mainsteam. I call this "contrarian as identity", where people become vastly more likely to accept something just because they KNOW its not accepted otherwise. Some people are like this with music, to where a band or group is only good if they are totally obscure.....sometimes good music is just good, and sometimes the "CW" is actually correct. Other times it is BS and should be treated as such with FACTS, not by getting points just because something is considered fringe. It's childish.

    2) If you tell people WHY you might actually know what you are talking about, you are an elitist. No one is allowed to have an education anymore without offending someone, in a discussion of anything. We seem to live in this Orwellian reality where the opinion of a community college dropout is equivalent to a PhD in the field. It's again, children's thinking. We all have to act dumb, as to make the ACTUALLY dumb feel better about themselves.

    3) It seems like there are about 3 types of guy out there, each equally irritating. The first are indistinguishable from women outside of their haircuts (sometimes) and chromosomes. They wear tight pants, usually look like they have never encountered a weight in their lives, and overall have the mannerisms and behavior of city-dwelling women. They text with emoticons without irony, but these are actually straight men.....the second group act like thugs, as if they are all trying out for an AND-1 basketball tournament in 15 minutes......the third are relentless rednecks that drive around their big truck as if its an extension of their other words, masculinity is a total mess in America. Whatever happened to just being a man, being quiet about it, but unashamed. We seem to have only a caricature of both extremes.

    4) Tapout shirts and guys that wear beanies to the 85 degree gym. I am not scared of you. Your clothes do not make you intimidating. They make you look like you are compensating, and that I could probably beat your ass while drunk and vomiting at will.....Wear shorts and a crummy shirt. Lift a lot. Go home after. Easy.

    5) Women that act like THEY are scary. Stop that. You are female = not scary. It's okay. Stop glaring at dudes, imitating the worst behavior of posturing men. Why does everyone have to act so badass, even when they are clearly not? It just looks sad. The toughest guy I know drives a Geo Metro and wears Mickey Mouse sweaters to the gym. If you got it, you don't really care if people know you have it.

    6) Doctors that are morbidly obese.....seriously?

    7) If you are over the age of 25 and you are still taking pictures of yourself holding up alcoholic beverages in clubs, this activity no longer makes you cool. It makes you a loser. You aren't in college anymore. Real adults actually have stuff to do on the weekends.

    8) Stop saying that every attractive woman just "has good genes", or take the time to remind me that they will get old one day too.....No, some people just really work hard and don't care about the cost to look good.....and yes, we will ALL get old one day. The point is to not grow old having never seen how capable and beautiful you can be.

    9) Going to the gym and leering at the fat people is like going to the doctor's office and making fun of the sick people. If you need to do that to feel better about yourself, I sincerely hope a ninja comes in the night to disfigure you, so you can see what it feels like to be stared at.

    10) Stop telling me that paleo is a fad. Beeny babies were a fad. Tickle Me Elmo was a fad.....choosing not to eat industrial foods made with things that require a chemist to pronounce is NOT a fad. It is just being reasonable about what goes into the body.

    See, a top 10 list!
    "The soul that does not attempt flight; does not notice its chains."

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