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Thread: low carb flu questions

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    low carb flu questions

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    Hey everyone I’ve been living “low carb” for about a year now. I went through spurts of trying to eat 100% primal. 4 days ago I made the commitment to live 100% primal. I have cut out all processes foods, and grains. I believe that I have a case of the low carb flu. I feel slightly run down and congested, it might be allergies or I caught a slight cold. Have any of you experienced anything close to this? Thanks.

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    Hi Brian. Obviously we cannot be sure. I guess is depends on how low carb you have been for a year. If you just made a big cut and started into ketosis, then sure, this could be carb flu. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was something else.

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    I got the carb flu & dh never did. As Grol said, it is quite possible that it is something else. Try getting extra sleep & exercise (even if you don't feel like it, go for a walk). Have you ever used a netti pot? That helps my allergies/sinus problems a lot!

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    A lot of people around me (myself included) have a virus that's going around right now. The "low-carb" flu for me was most light headed, foggy, head aches and strangely, short panic attacks. Nothing like a cold or allergies. That's also what I heard from most other people (other than the panic attacks).

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    Barryman - I had some anxiety and panic attacks which worsened (from herx reaction) as did a candida cleanse. Have been free of any symptoms of candida for quite a few months now and ZERO panic attacks/anxiety. I have read that this is very common when suffering from candida. This (low carb/whole foods) way of eating certainly will help cleanse of candida. Wondering if that might have been a small issue.....

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    I got the low carb flu after being primal for about a week and a half I remember it lasting a week or so. I felt really run down and had to quit working out for the week. Once it's gone, it's gone though. No worries there.

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