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Thread: Thoughts on mid-night workouts?

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    Thoughts on mid-night workouts?

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    My work schedule is generally 4pm til 1, 2 or 3am. I'm finding my motivation to get up and go to the gym in the morning (or even afternoon) to be almost non-existent. I generally avoid the gym between certain hours (like lunch time) because it's packed. Plus I hate showering and dressing at the gym, so going right before work is a headache. I hate the anxiety of worrying I'm going to be late.

    I've been considering going after work, since I belong to a 24-hour gym. On work nights I'm not getting to bed before 3 or 4 anyways. The night is already shot and I'm apt to sleep until noon.

    Does anyone work out at such an unusual hour? Any thoughts on pros/cons? I know it's not the normal time to do it, but would it actually do any harm? My job isn't all too physical, save for a lot of walking and standing. Occasionally I have to help move kegs, but nothing crazy. I'm finding my most "awake" hours are after 8pm now that I've been on this schedule for more than a month.


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    When I worked nights, I had a particularly productive streak of exercise when I was going at 2am. Loved being there alone. I could set-up circuits and all sorts of stuff.

    So...yeah...have fun.

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    Just sounds cool as hell. So I vote for do it.
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    There's nothing wrong with working out at midnight. You'll adapt to it. Try it out a few times. There probably won't be anyone there, so it could be pretty awesome.
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    Used to belong to a 24 hour gym.

    Quiet hour workouts rock the casbah.

    Go forth and lift.

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    As everyone said, it doesn't really matter. You will adapt to just about anything. If that's a good time for you then go for it. Plus the gym being empty is a plus. You will be leaving just as the morning crowd is getting there.

    At one point I would wake up at 4am and train at my house before going into work around 6:30. Once you adapt it will be like clock work.
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    I used to workout at all hours including past midnight there's nothing wrong with it. I work 3 to midnight now but I lift before work instead. It makes me feel better about therest of the day

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