Hello fellow PBers. I figured I would finally join instead of lurking in the shallow waters. I have been a PBer since november after a good friend told me about it.
Just a little about myself: 2 years ago I was 270lbs and slowly have made my way down through diet and exercise to now 180-190 on a 6'4" frame. I am having a hard time with the last few pounds of low belly fat. I always tell myself to be patient, it took years to get "fat" it's going to take sometime to get lean. For the past 2months I have really dialed in to under 70g carbs a day on workout days(due to supps and dairy). On off days it's is common to be around 50g. It seams as I have leveled off, any sugestions? I just read the post on re-feeding, might that be what I need?