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Thread: Hello from Maine

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    Quote Originally Posted by marktripp View Post
    Here is a little update, on Sunday I did a re-feed. Since I have re-evaluated my intake habits and noticed I was falling back into the CW way of eating a big meal 3 times a day. I have since gone back to just snacking rather than having a "meal". I have debated fasting for a day and so far yesterday I was 500 cal less and today it is now 100pm and I havent eaten anyhting and feel great. Thanks for the help.
    I am glad I could help!!! Thanks for letting me know my advice worked - I appreciate it!
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    Well I went 24hrs fasting I probably could have gone longer but didn't want to chance it since I was working. I would have hated to be at a point that I was hungry and then got a call that lasted a few hrs and be in a bad situation. Anyway I was happy with my 24hr fast, I wasnt sure I could do it but it was no problem and I will probably do it again I ended it with a protein shake, hamburger, salad and cottage cheese. Maybe a little too much? But again thanks for your help!

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