I am a 32 year old female, 5'6", 150. I Crossfit 4-5x a week, mountain bike 20-50 miles a weeks, and run/hike barefoot with my dog. I started eating Paleo a few months ago, but my energy level really dropped and I was having trouble completing my cycling/crossfit workouts. I got the book "Paleo diet for Athletes" and stated integrating more carbs at the right times. I saw a huge improvement in my workouts following that book. My biggest problem right now is "cheating" with ice cream and wine on the weekends.

My goals are to:

(1) Drop 10 lbs of fat

(2) Improve my benchmark crossfit workouts and PR's for Oly lifts(training for next year's Crossfit Games)

(3)Adhere to the 80/20 rule of Primal Blueprint (save wine and ice cream for treats)