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    Whole trout?

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    Can somebody give me a good recipe for oven baked whole trout without lemon?
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    Pat of butter in the cavity, salt/pepper/garlic/rosemary. Wrap in foil, put in 375 degree preheated oven for about 30mins.

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    I love stuffing the cavity with fresh herbs and baking. I serve it with a garlic dill aioli. What herbs I use depends on what I have growing at the time. I only use a small amount of stronger herbs like thyme and oregano and mix them with other milder herbs since trout has a delicate flavor.

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    Similar to what they said, stick a bunch of butter and herbs inside and bake it in the oven. Slices of citrus are good but optional.

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    I grind up to taste rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper and winter savory very finely. I melt a lot of butter and mix the spices and butter before hand.

    Then you rince the trout and really cover it with the butter, inside and out then wrap in tin foil and sit it on a cookie sheet in the oven. I cook at 425 F but my oven is a special butterfly your may work better at lower temp.

    usually 15 to 20 min in the oven is fine. Cook till done and make sure you save the butter juices.

    once the fish is cooked and served I pour the juices over the top like a sauce. Goes very well with rice and if you have roasted veggies they go well with the juice as well.
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    Stick a couple bay leaves in it's belly. Finish with some herby garlicky mayo.

    Make a foil pouch and add herbs, garlic, and white wine. I think thyme is more traditional, but I like rosemary too. You can steam smallish vegetables and potatoes in the pouch too.

    Slash the skin and rub fennel fronds or seeds, dot with butter, and give it enough heat to crisp the skin.

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    I had this once in a restaurant and asked the chef for the recipe: melt some butter in a pan, and over a very low heat soft flaked almonds in butter until the butter is absorbed by the almonds. Then crush in some garlic, add a couple of handfuls of chopped fresh dill, and stuff the cavity of the trout with this. Brush the skin of the trout with a bit of melted butter left in the pan you cooked the almonds in, wrap and bake as usual. It's not for every day, but it is so delicious ...

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    Bake it in salt crush trust me it's easy

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    In the last year I stopped adding salt to things. Then pretty much..anything. What I'd do is just cook the fish and eat it...LOVE the natural flavor of seafood and meat.

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    I love stuffing fish with olives, capers, fennel and tomatoes - with olive oil too of course

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