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Thread: Mostly primal.....

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    Mostly primal.....

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    I love this site and find the primal lifestyle fantastic. I've been lurking for so long now and have finally decided to go full steam ahead, well almost.

    I am finding it hard to give up bread; I eat whole-wheat, seeded bread which tastes great with a little no added sugar peanut butter. I only have one or two slices a day (sometimes skip it altogether) but really find it hard not to have it. Any tips?

    I have weight to lose, but that is not my prime target; I want to sleep better, which brought me to this site in the first place.

    My main observation with this lifestyle is that it does not take a lot of effort to achieve really, you just don't buy food in a box. I have always eaten real food, but have binged on the boxed stuff which has caused me to gain weight. I don't find cutting out pasta or rice a problem and sweet potatoes taste way better than white ones.

    I think I've conquered my binge eating, which is wonderful and the very best thing that has come out of primal eating.

    Thanks to Mark and everyone who has inspired me to walk down this path (it really is a journey ).

    Michelle xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcteez View Post
    I only have one or two slices a day (sometimes skip it altogether) but really find it hard not to have it. Any tips?
    Stop buying it?

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    Just give it up for a month. Find something else that's just as tasty, and you won't miss it. I ate so much apples and peanut butter when I first went primal. It's better than pbj by far. Bread by itself is pretty bland unless it's a really artisan sourdough. After awhile, you'll lose your taste for it.

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    I agree, stop buying it. You can also poke around on here, some people have found out how to make bread substitutes that are supposedly pretty good.

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