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    New Digestive Health Forums

    Primal Fuel
    Dr. Norm Robillard just started some new forums on his site, if anyone wants to discuss serious digestion issues with minimal bro-science, this would be a good place: Digestive Health Institute
    Let those who have dyspepsia—and that means a multitude of ills which the American people in their luxurious habits are fast bringing upon themselves—try for a time the potato diet. We have tried it not for months, but a few days at a time—long enough to satisfy us of its good effects. Newspaper article from 1849

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    For some reason, that link wasn't working for me, here's one that should work.
    Forums Archive | Digestive Health InstituteDigestive Health Institute

    I'm disappointed that it's not more active. I may post when I have something that's working better. I did read the Fast Track Digestion for IBS book last fall, though I can't say I remember much of it now.
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