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Thread: yorkshire pudding

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    yorkshire pudding

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    Hi. Has anyone got a recipe for a primal Yorkshire Pudding? It is something I really really miss!

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    I'm guessing a low carb pancake batter made with almond meal or coconut flour. Obviously you would cook them in lard. If you find a recipe let me know. I like the idea.

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    Havnt tried it exactly, but I reckon making a batter like the one used in the Clafouti recipe would get pretty close. Just mix egg with coconut milk (or cream if possible)

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    I think the clafouti batter could work too.

    If you do dairy, I have also come across this recipe on another forum - it was for pancakes but the person said they had also used it for yorkshires:

    2 eggs, two tablespoons cream cheese, salt & splash of cream. Whisk it all up together until all the lumps are gone, put the mixture in the fridge for about half an hour until really cold then cook.
    I haven't tried it though so not sure how successful an imitation it is.

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