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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal (BestLife)

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    Right before bedtime, my carb-infused carb-demons raged again, so I ate some more watermelon in the dark kitchen. Great

    This morning, I actually slept in for the first time in ages. My body was so tired from the sleep deprivation and the stress and of course the carb binge was of no help in the energy department.

    Had coffee w/hnh and some leftover egg salad with slices of bell peppers and cukes.

    Took the boys to a movie and then lunch. My birthday boy got to choose the restaurant, and he wanted Thai. We went to one that was right by the cinema. Bad choice. The food was ALL with sweet sauces. Some sticky and gooey sweet, and others just sweet. Sweet and salty, sweet and spicey, but everything sweet.

    I had 2 choices, really: try to IF and not eat, or just give myself permission to have another cheat meal and go with the flow. Given my weak state, and the fact that I blew it yesterday, I went with the latter. So I ate (overate, really) from everything - including the rice (which I always avoid with ease) and all the sticky stuff.

    I felt stuffed and disgusted when I was through.

    I came home at 4:00 pm and simply crashed. I slept for 3 hours.

    So. I'm IF'ing now - from the end of the lunch at 3:30 until tomorrow at lunch. I have a lunch meeting at a restaurant and will try to eat as purely as possible. I will choose to NOT eat if no good choices seem available.

    The past 24 hours were shameful. I will not repeat this.

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    So this morning the scale showed me up 3 lbs since Friday!! That, SUCKS!!!

    My body is so extremely carb-sensitive that any kind of cheating is rewarded with major detriment, while adherence to the plan is lately rewarded with mere maintenance. Been stuck at the same level (yo-yo'ing up and down the same 3 lbs or so) for a year. Frickin' tired of it, too.

    Anyhoo, I fasted 20.5 hrs from yesterday lunch to today lunch.

    Broke the fast with leftover salmon salad, egg salad, and bell pepper/cuke slices. Some brie cheese, blueberries, champagne grapes and melon for dessert (sml amts of each). Black coffee (plus my two hnh coffees of the morning).

    I should exercise today. Feeling quite sluggish.

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    Did not exercise, after all. Blah.

    Snacked on melon and bacon, and big spoonful of sour cream.

    Dinner was AFTER going to the movies - so pretty late: leftover chicken (baked in plums/red wine/soy sauce/garlic/onion), leftover crustless mushroom quiche, watermelon, frozen champagne grapes.

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    Wow - skipped reporting a day. LEt's see...


    B: 2 eggs fried; 2xcoffee w/hnh

    L: cheese frm 2 slices pizza (not so primal), leftover chicken drumstick, few hazelnuts;

    D: leftover crustless quiche lorraine and mush quiche*. Mmmm. Some mango. Decaf Americano w/hnh.

    I can't remember but I might have had a few hazelnuts in the afternoon, too...

    *I am definitely a lacto-ovo carnivore. I can't see giving up dairy. I wonder if I ever reach the conclusion that I must...?

    I sat in my home office with my gym clothes on all day. I never made it to the gym. Mark says it's okay to take a 'recovery day'. That makes 4 in a row.

    Just feeling so lazy and tired the last few days. And kinda down, mood-wise. Hmph.

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    My weight is back down 2 of the 3 lbs I gained this weekend. I'm at 149.5.

    Intermittent fast from after last night's dinner (~8p) until today's late lunch (~1:40p) which was actually brunch-y. I did have 2 cups coffee w/hnh.

    Fasted workout at the gym with my workout buddy (trainer is on vacation): Weights and cardio interspersed, quads/chest/back/triceps/abs and jumping jacks, box jumps, mountain climbers, mule kicks, knees-to-chest jumps, sprints down the hall, burpees, and so on. Great 1 hr workout. Felt so awesome after!

    L: 2 egg omelet w/few dices of red/orange bell pepper and cheese. Served with 2-3 tbsp cottage cheese, several slices smoked wild salmon, 2 tbsp cream cheese. Ate ~1 tbsp of butter, too. Dessert: 1/2 nectarine, 2-3 strawberries, 5-6 blueberries. I feel so full...

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    Well, that fullness must've not lasted long... went for a walk to the grocery store and back (with haul) - abt 12 minutes each way - and back home, saw fruit bowl left on table from lunch. Could not resist - tasted one, two pieces, and finally decided to eat all of this cut up fruit (about a cup-worth) with greek yogurt and some pecan pieces. SO yummy. But why this meal - when I know I have dinner coming in less than 2 hours?! Pure gluttony.

    I just adore summer fruit (this was nectarine, blueberries, strawberries, and mango).

    Also had iced Americano w/hnh.

    Dinner: 2 beef meatballs with some tomato sauce and parmesan, caprese salad (tom/mozzarella/basil).

    Good night, big vacuum to which I write daily...

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    Good morning, 8/13

    Coffee w/hnh

    WO: ran outside ~4 miles.

    Brunch: leftovers - crustless quiche lorraine and pepper/cheese omelet. Another coffee w/hnh.

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    I'm feeling munchies hunger all day long. Quite irritating.

    Snack/sml lunch: 2 slices plum tomato, slice mozzerella, fresh basil leaf; 1 slice smoked wild salmon w/1 T cream cheese; snacked on 1/2 or 1 T butter, 8 hazelnuts.

    Snack: few more hazelnuts.

    D: 1/2 avocado; 3 homemade beef meatballs (sml amt of tom sauce), shredded cheese, couple more slices tom/mozz salad; blueberries and champagne grapes, slice brie cheese, 1/4 T butter. tea. sml square dk chocolate.

    I feel a need to munch, trying to manage it through distraction/refutation.

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    What's the point of this journaling? I'm not really getting much out of it...


    Skipped breakfast.

    No workout today - need rest

    L: few hazelnuts, ham/cheese omelet. Coffee w/hnh

    S: sliced tom/mozz, hazelnuts, 2 strawberries w/1.5 T sour cream

    D: 1/2 prime rib, 1/2 c salad greens w/olive oil, tomato. Resisted french fries, ice cream (my sons had - NEAN!!); coffee w/cream, plus 1/8c fluid cream (yum - not half-n-half like most restaurants).

    my weight was up a lb this morning compared to yesterday morning, and I don't have a clue as to why but I'm annoyed about it. My stomach looks and feels bloated. Hmph.

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    weight 149.2 this AM. A bit down from yesterday but still higher than I'd like. I'm seriously stalled and annoyed about it. I'm also feeling very low motivation to exercise. I need to get back to my routine! Can't wait until the boys go back to school...

    Bkfst: strange concoction of eggs,cottage,sr crm, vanilla, cinnamon, blueberries, cooked like a pancake. Tasted 'okay'. Primal sun at the pool.

    lunch: leftover prime rib on the bone, blueberries & strawberries, butter, hazelnuts. Experiencing unending hunger lately-what gives?

    Dinner: At my parents' house to celebrate my uncle's visit. roast beef (or was it prime rib?),braised purple cabbage, carrots w/peppers, eggplant salad. NO blck rice! NO chocolate cake (despite fact taht it was made with almond flour - still - it had sugar in it. Felt so strong about resisting it! ) Had about 1 cup of watermelon... maybe a bit more. For me, that's too many carbs. With my luck, I'll probably go up on the scale tomorrow despite all that self-control. Grrr... I hate being so carb-sensitive. It feels unfair and restrictive.

    But - it is what it is, and I need to just deal with it.

    I think tomorrow I'll fast all day - from this evening until the morning of Monday. We'll see how I hold up.

    NEANed on the chocolate cake at parents' house! #primal

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