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    Quote Originally Posted by noodletoy View Post
    why do people use "anal" when talking about stuff they put in their mouths? just. yuk.

    Yes, and "shit". Together they make for a great association to food!
    Well, the topic is GLUTEN, so its actually quite fitting. Although eating shit might be a tad healthier...

    I dont panic if I eat a little gluten, but as time progresses and I feel more clean and healthy eating primally, I try to avoid gluten more.

    And I think its healthy to hate something in a fun way

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    I think it's good to condition yourself to make something other than bread or pasta the center of your meal, but I don't think trying to avoid it 100%, or even 90% of the time is healthy. Wheat tends to be a nutritionally-void and poison-inducing food in general, so I try not to eat it, but it's definitely not the end of the world if it makes its way into my food.

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    I'm 100% gluten-free at home, but when I eat out I try to do as best as possible though I bet some slips in from time-to-time, so, no biggie.

    But try this: Go gluten-free for two weeks, assess how you feel, and then try introducing gluten back ad-libitum. See how you feel.

    I tried that and it was what convinced me.
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    I have been thinking a lot about this too. I started an aip back in October. I found that wheat wasn't a main trigger for me, and I can tolerate small amounts well. I'm still limiting it, although I am going to try einkorn wheat since I've seen that people with non celiac sensitivity apparently can sometimes tolerate einkorn well. I can't use a lot of the gluten free products so I would like to have an option for the rare times I make something that calls for flour. When I eat out I don't worry too much about gluten exposure since nightshades are my big worry and I find those are much harder to avoid. A couple of times eating out I have actually had to depend on plain rice and lettuce for a meal so I treated myself to a gluteny dessert, and that was just my 20%.

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    I just like that guy's list as a reference:
    Archevore - Archevore Diet
    2 - reduce refined sugars
    3 - no gluten
    4 - reduce pufa oils
    2,3,4 => most processed stuff is already off the list.

    As for myself I no longer regard anything bread/pasta/pizza as food and always feel the aftereffects when at work they use processed crap or flour in the stuff they make for lunch (even though I told them I do not tolerate it >_>)

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    I think it depends. I can handle small amounts of gluten, so sometimes allow myself to slip. I wouldn't say I'm 80/20, but perhaps 95/5. Others are more sensitive, even dangerously sensitive, so they probably need to cut it out completely. You need to decide how sensitive you think you are, and act accordingly.

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    You don't have to live like a celiac. But you also might not see the benefits of this way of eating if you eat cup-of-soups and 20% of your diet is wheat products and commercially made foods.
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