I am currently working with a naturopath to correct a lithium-induced hypothyroid that is a suspected Hashimoto. I am just looking for some suggestions on where to look for ways of bringing my thyroid back to normal. Things that worked for other people. I will put this here, Iodine supplements make my thyroid worse. I've also corrected all nutrient deficiencies and my chronic anemia.

Just before I got sick (2006),
TSH: 2.05
T4, free: 1.2
T3, total: n/a

Current (2013, fasting) on 20 mcg of T3 a day,
TSH: 0.59
T4, free: 0.9
T3, total: 152

Current Supplements:
Vitamin C 4,000mg/day broken up
Mg 400mg/night
Omega-3 supplement, from algae (cannot tolerate fish oil)
Betaine Hydrochloride, 1200-1800mg with meal
Digestive Enzyme Complex, 2-3 cap with meal
Multi, 1 cap 2x a week (upsets stomach more than that)
Probiotic complex, 3 tabs every morning, 1M each tab.
UV light, 30 minutes 3x a week

Protein 15%
CHO 40%
Fat 45%

Combination of raw/cooked fruits and vegetables, meats, 1L bone broth daily, occasionally raw cheese and yogurt with the whey pressed off, occasionally pastured eggs (raw yolks), occasionally quinoa and sesame seeds (doesn't bother me)
No grains, legumes, nightshades, nuts, most seeds.

Lift weights 3x week. Sprints 2x week. Yoga/stretching 3x week. Never more than 30 minutes.

Acupuncture once a month.